Cara-Cara Meredah Banjir Kilat

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Artikel oleh: Wahid Ooi Abdullah

  • Di sini kami senaraikan beberapa tips bagaimana untuk menunggang meredahi banjir kilat (atau kawasan air dalam).
  • Peraturan yang paling utama adalah bergerak dengan perlahan.
  • Kawalan pendikit dan tenang menghadapi rintangan juga sangat penting.

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Prepare Yourself for Raining Season

20120330-033734 PTG.jpg

Raining season is coming in Malaysia and you as riders should prepare yourself for it if your motorcycle is the only option for your daily use. If not, you can just easily drive a car.
Here are my tips on driving on wet condition:
1. Change your tyre to a medium-hard compound with aqua channel tread pattern to disperse the water away from the rubber.
2. Test the slipperiness of your tyre by giving it a good hard brake so that you have better understanding of your tyre grip. If you are not sure, just drive slow and don’t take the risk.
3. Anticipate danger in front of you so that you are aware to pull the brake sooner since disc brake have lower grip in wet. Also, try to pull the brake few times before really apply the braking force to dissipate the water on the disc plate.
4. Prepare a full rain suit. Jacket and pants.
5. The more grip the tyre is on the tarmac, the more slippery it is on cement or tiles (mosaic) pathway. So, be careful.
6. Avoid riding on the road lines and markings since it is very slippery in wet condition. If you need to brake, stay away from it, then you brake.

That is just a little info based on my riding experience, hope it can give benefit to you.

How to Open and Hold the Seat even if it Hit the Front Carriage. Solved!

Just use elastic hook. Attach one end of the elastic hook to the bracket of the basket / carriage and the other one end to the seat underpin. Some bike seat doesn’t have underpin that be hooked like this such as Modenas Kriss, so, be creative and work your way out.

Tyre Safety and Maintenance Tips for ‘Balik Kampung’ by MIROS

Tyre Safety and Maintenance Tips

For our international readers, ‘balik kampung’ means going back to hometown. This happens everytime when there is holiday, usually for Aidilfitri, which is coming this 30 or 31 August.

This tyre safety and maintenance tips is compiled by MIROS (Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research) specifically to motorcycle and scooter and being given away to me while I was driving for ‘balik kampung’. Two-wheels rider are 15 times much more likely to involved in accident and I think this guide is a good thing by MIROS. It is written in Malay language, but lets just translate it to English for the sake of all readers. So, here goes:

Tyre Maintenance Guide:

1. Always check the tyre pressure once a week or much more frequent if the tyre is used for long distance riding daily.

2. Use pressure gauge to check the tyre pressure on cold condition.

3. Do not use worn tyres.

4. Do not ride with excessive weight limit as stated by the tyre sidewall. (Refer to Table A).

5. Follow the speed limit on the road and apply safe riding skill.

How to Read Tyre Information on the Sidewall, Table A and Table B (click to enlarge)

Tyre Buying Guide:

1. Make sure the tyre purchased have the MS or E label.

2. Change the tyre when the tread touched the warning zone ‘Tread Wear Indicator'(TWI).

Tread Wear Indicator

3. Tyre need to be replaced if:

i) cracked

ii) uneven wear

iii) bump on the tread or sidewall

4. Good tyre choice are important for your safety, comfort, handling and economy. (size, load index and speed rating)

Note: I wish you all have a safe journey. Be careful and think of your loved ones!

Happy holidays and SELAMAT HARI RAYA!

Y-Teq Chain Lube


Chain lube are much better than the normal engine oil that we usually use to lubricate the chain and sprocket of our bike. It is much better because chain lube have the all important ‘anti-fling’ properties. Anti-fling means that the lubricant oil applied to the chain will not fly or splatter to the surrounding. If not, you’ll get a lot mess at the wheel and to the swing arm.
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Spark Plug Colour Condition for Carburetor Tuning Guide

Spark Plug Colour Condition for Carburetor Tuning Guide

Got this from Tengku Erwin Tengku Ismail FB page. Great information presented by this chart. Also, check out this carburetor tuning manual from Mikuni here for more understanding of the spark plug colour reading.

Yamaha 135LC 5-speed: Is It A Good Buy?

Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit at GTMax Motors

Most of underbone riders in Malaysia are excited to know that HLYM has introduced the 2011 Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit with 5-speed. The features fitted to it are way beyond the ‘normal’ criteria of an underbone bike for it class. The brakes are upgraded to fully disc brake setup with the front equipped with 297mm disc plate with 2-piston caliper and the rear with 190mm disc plate with 1-piston Nissin caliper. At first, I thought the rear brake caliper is the same model with the Y125Z rear brake caliper which is 2-piston equipped. In Thailand, the another version of Y135LC ES that is the X1R has been equipped with rear disc brake setup long time ago and has been followed by 135LC riders here to have their bike equipped with rear disc brake too. What the fuss actually about fitting the rear disc brake? It is about three thing;

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Autosol Metal Polish: The Popular Rust Remover for Your Bike

Autosol Metal Polish

I have known Autosol since I was still kids. It is famously known as the rust remover. If you are using steel wheel, Autosol should be your best friend. It is very easy to remove rust using Autosol. You just need to apply a little bit paste onto a small sheet of old newspaper and begin polishing the rusty area. After that, wipe it again with new sheet of old newspaper. You will get a glittering, shiny and sparkling wheels after that. If you were thinking of how to remove rust from metal and steel, this is the perfect solution for you.  Continue reading “Autosol Metal Polish: The Popular Rust Remover for Your Bike”

Never Send Your Bike to A Car Wash


I’m a quite busy man and sometimes, I really can’t find time to wash my bike. Usually, I just leave my bike in dirty condition until I have time to wash it. But, it looked very dirty that I decide to send it to a car wash to get it cleaned. This is my first time having my bike get cleaned at the car wash. Well, it was BIG mistake!
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