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3 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi there,
    I saw you said that u had a long history with Honda … So just to check with you are u able to get honda parts also?


  2. I am buying a LC 135 in Ho chi minh city and I want to add some power for street use. I am looking at the Thai Ver. 2 cdi and the 35 mm carb. I don’t know these bikes so well. I’m from Australia and I’m used to big bikes. With just those 2 extras will that give me the simple solution for some extra speed. Also have you had any problems sending into Vietnam, sometimes they can be funny here. Let me know. I like you site. I might buy a second bike and rebuild it with your stuff for fun but the current one is for me and my girlfriend so it doesn’t need to be too wild and it needs to stay reliable. Adrian

    1. the modification that you need is what we call street modified which have the balance of performance and in the same time keep the durability intact. you can use the Thai ver II CDI with bigger carb (34mm) and AHM exhaust pipe for great performance boost without losing the durability of the engine.

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