My 2010 Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR 0-55km Review

My 2010 Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR
My 2010 Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR

I have promised myself few years ago that someday I’ll buy any first model new bike that are going to be introduced by Yamaha Malaysia. It was a very long wait and now, I have bought myself a first model 2010 Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR. Even though this is a first model bike, it has less specialty than the first model Yamaha 125Z and first model Yamaha 135LC since both have many parts made in Japan. For example, the first model Yamaha 135LC engine is fully made in Japan, whereby now it is being made in countries like Indonesia, Vietnam or Thailand. It is not that the second model or the newer is not good, just that it is not as special as owning the first model with parts made in Japan. This holds true also for Yamaha 125Z and ZR whereby we can see the CDI for the first model have no cut-off and have Yamaha logo on it, but now is the M logo and CDI has been RPM/speed limited. First model Yamaha 125ZR also features the most sought out item that is the three-spoke Enkei-1 sport rim. Enkei-1 sport rim is definitely durable and can withstand strong impact from the road and much more lighter. Also after that, there are Enkei-1 samurai 6-spoke sport rim which is also durable and lightweight. I have interviewed many 125Z/ZR riders and mechanics about this and they agreed that Enkei-1 wheels are really that good. Now, there is no more Enkei-1 production wheels and most of the owner of this wheels have lost the wheels due to theft. It is common to see that Enkei-1 3-spoke and 5-spoke sport rim to reach MYR1000+ in Malaysia most popular online store that is So, in my deepest thought, I know that I’m making a good decision to buy this first model Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR, even though it is not fully made in Japan. Now, let’s start my Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR review.

In terms of design, Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR is one of the most heavily designed moped ever from Yamaha. Simplicity is not taken into consideration here. Everything about luxury and techno-style. This may raise some concerns among riders that like to see their bike simple and functional like Honda EX-5, well then, this bike is not for you. You need to be someone who are adventurous and like to try something new. The part that is  most talked about the design is the tail lamp. Some have said the Yamaha engineer has over-designed the tail lamp. It is new and it is different, but it serve a function. The tail lamp has now been increased in terms of height that makes it easily seen by the other vehicles coming from behind of the Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR. It is much higher than Yamaha 135LC tail lamp and almost with the same height as the Yamaha 125Z. Also, the side profile (when you look at the bike from the side) have a very forward stance bike that makes it look fast even though it is not moving. Young, fast and stylish is what this bike is all about.

I liked the fact that Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR speedometer will light up in blue as soon as the ignition key in turn to ‘ON’ position. This is not available for Yamaha Lagenda 115Z. The speedometer feels a little heavy compared to Yamaha 135LC, but this one is not confirmed yet. The gear position lamp is also very visible in orange colour, but sometime I confuse it with right turn signal but no big deal. Other than that, the meter cluster of this Lagenda 115ZR is very visible and the information provided by the display is sufficient and well thought of.

The sitting position is the same with other bike, but the best part is the addition of collapsible footrest that is slanted inward about 5 degree. This position give a very well planted foot position and keeps your foot from slipping out from the the footrest. The seat is the same with other Yamaha moped products that is the anti slip seat.

Top speed for this bike is not being tested yet, after 1000km, I’ll update this post.

One feeling that I get from riding this bike is that it makes me want to ride more to explore this bike. When I was riding from Shah Alam to Banting (55km) in a drizzle, it never makes me want to stop. The rains pours and I just keep riding with my raincoat on. I can say this bike is fun to drive even though not as comfortable as 2010 Honda Wave 110RS (I have ride this bike, it is the most comfortable moped ever!). Compare to Honda Wave 110RS, Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR is not so comfortable but fun, whereby Honda Wave 110RS is comfortable but the feeling is sterile (this is my own opinion, so, sorry if any Honda owners feels the pinch).

Raincoat, wallet and handphone are easily keep inside this bike the underseat compartment that provides 7.0 liter of storage. I’m guessing you can also keep one bag of Nikon D90 with kit lens inside it. Be careful though as rain water can seap into the compartment slowly. Not much, but it can cause your concerns.

Ride and handling of this bike is superb. The handle is very directive and follows your command. No sense of slipping over with this bike. Compared to my Modenas CT110 which tends to wobble on sharp corners, this one just eat it through like it is mean to do it. It is firm and in control. What this mean is that, taking corners are now safer and the riders can feel more confident. With that in mind, the suspension feels hard and not so comfortable. I suspect this is due to the suspension that is not still in run-in condition. Anyway, this is just 0-55km review, I think the handling will get much better after the bike gets 1000km which makes the suspension a little softer and much more responsive. I’ve got bumpy feeling while riding this bike on straight line and this feeling is the same when I changed my Yamaha RX-Z front suspension to a new one, but it will disappear after a few hundred km of riding. I’ll try to post some more review after my bike hit 500km.

One more reason that makes me buy this bike is because Yamaha Malaysia usually adjust (increase) the bike price few times a year. For now, Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR is just RM400 more than the Yamaha Lagenda 110ZR. With the increase in displacement and features, I’m guessing this bike will get a price hike in few more months.

Maybe some of you might say that I’m crazy to buy and own many bikes (this Lagenda is being purchased even before my current Modenas CT110 reach 1000km), but this is my passion. I like riding underbone bikes very much and there are too much story from my early age up to this point about the underbone bike.

If you want to buy this bike, I strongly recommend you to buy this at GT Max Motor in Seksyen 25, Shah Alam. I just plonked down RM1500 for the downpayment and for 24-month loan, I just need to pay RM230. Additional RM200 is needed if you want to get first party all-rider insurance coverage. I paid mine. Also, you’ll get a free helmet (MS88 with visor or Swan helmet), free front fork lock, padlock, rain suit and a mystery gift (I got a Rossi cap) when you buy the bike there. GT Max Motor I think provide the cheapest loan available and it is actually loan provided by the shop, not by Aeon. At the time of my purchase, the plate number is WUD for KL and BKW for Selangor.

Remember, all of my writing here is based on experience with this bike and from my opinion which you all can disagree with it. I just write what I think. So, please don’t go buy the bike because of my review or blame me if the review is not so accurate with your experience with the bike. Also, please note that I have slight bias to Yamaha bike.

If you have any question about this bike, you can ask in the comment section and I’ll try to answer it. Thanks!

UPDATE 19/08/2010: The bumpy feeling from the bike on straight line is not because of the suspension! It is actually because the rear tyre is not installed correctly. In some part of the tyre, there are uneven bump that makes my ride bumpy and shaky. I’ll be going to fix this soon and update you more.

UPDATE 17/09/2010: The tyre has been fixed. The mechanic has done these step to repair it:

1. Deflate the tyre

2. Apply some oil to the part which not pop up correctly

3. Remove the tube valve

4. Inflating the tyre until there is loud pop from the tyre that popped to the rim

5. Installing the tube valve and inflating the tyre again to the correct pressure.

After that, my Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR ride has become very smooth and easy to get top speed. It also makes my my ride more comfortable and enjoyable.

UPDATE (02/02/2011): Read the part 2 review for 55-1,046km here:

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53 Replies to “My 2010 Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR 0-55km Review”

  1. bro,nk tnye skit. 115zr ngn 115z mne yg mntap n ase mrket bile bwk?n lagenda 115z ngn zr niey save x mnyk die.full tank bpe rnggit n bpe jaoh ley jln smpai full tank toe abes mnyk?

    1. Pada pendapat saya, 115ZR best klu bawak jln jauh sbb atas suspension gas. 115Z pun ok jg. Minyak xdela sejimat Wave 110RS. Full tank dlm 4.2liter. Boleh pergi sampai 120km kot.

  2. salam bro….

    aku pun dah tuka spocket 37….yg improve cume die x rase ada gear lg pas gear 4…n senang sket nak cpai top speed…tp top speed still 120 mcm ada cut off..even trun bukit pun sama….ko xrase kene tuka cdi die ker….

  3. bro.nk tanye sikit..aku da pakai motor ni..milesage da sampai 3118km..masa baru2 beli topspeed bole cecah 120km/h jugak kt jalan rata..tapi skrg da kurang..kat jalan rata motor ni boleh g sampai 100km/h je..aku try tukar sprocket belakang 36.tapi takde ubah ape2 un cuma pakai gear 3 tapi rasa cam pakai gear 4.masuk gear 4 naik sikit je..ape nk buat lagi a? nak tukar sprocket size berapa pulak?

    1. 120km/h tu dah laju klu belum modified. tp betul, gear 3 rasa power dia mcm gear 4, tp masa gear 4 xde naik sgt. Saya pun tgh tuning 115ZR dan tengah cari setup y sesuai dgn motor ni. Sekiranya ada update, saya akan post dlm blog ni.

  4. hehehe…same la kite….moto aku skng da 500++km. baru amek ari khamis mggu lepas…nk tanye, mmg meter motor ni berat skit atau kurg laju???hehehe….sbb 110 zr aku yg sblm ni bley pegi smpi 120km/j…kalo turun bukit leh cecah 130km/j dekat2 140km/j….rase cam xpuas ati plak tengok meter die…hehehe…

    1. aku rasa mmg berat sikit. aku dah pernah try bawa 135LC dan banding dgn 115ZR mmg ada beza. satu lagi mungkin sbb ko punya 110ZR dah tukar sproket kecik, sbb tu laju. 115ZR sprocket dia 40T belakang, jadi top speed mmg kurang sikit. motor aku pun aku bawah setakat ni maksimum baru dpt sampai 100kmh.

      1. aku pon penah bawak gak LC…mmg beza la ngan 115zr…tapi dari segi pickup mmg beza antara 115zr ngan 110zr…110zr aku dulu standard, xpenah tukar sprocket langsung dari sejak beli smpi aku jual balek…sume barang standard…so kalo nak main top speed kene sprocket lagi besar ke lagi kecik eh???115zr aku skng ni paling laju 110km/j kt jalan rata,kalo turun bukit 120km/j…

          1. ic….kalo yg standard berape depan?blkng 40 la ek….bro…xde ke nak wat kelab pemilik yamaha lagenda 115zr??cam best jer kalo ade wat kelab…leh kenal2an…

  5. Right now I’m waiting for my Lagenda 115ZR to roll out of the shop. The shop quoted me RM5700 OTR. Traded in my 11 years old 125Z for RM2200 and need to top up another RM3500. I will only use it few times a month and hopefully nothing wrong with it.

  6. gd and appreciated your review. now waiting your review for 1000km. lama lg x bro?
    would like to know about top speed and gegar2 tu.
    Also if you’r free pls get me how much for cash price at the shop.
    Thank you

    1. legend zr aku beli bln, dekat gt max jgak. hehe
      skrg ni dah smpai 1100km++.
      stakat ni ok,sedap membawa. tp lampu compartment die xmnyale..xprasan plak.huhu :p

            1. mmg nak kene tegakkan 90 darjah baru menyala lampu tuh….moto aku baru tambah balancer yamaha kaler biru…n baru beli glove yamah kaler biru gak…nice…

  7. Thx you share out ur experience because i plan to buy lagenda 115zr soon. 🙂 but compare the price for my survey, ur recommend the motorcycle shop is too expensive… hehe

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