My Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR 55-1406km Review

This review has been long due. I actually need to update my previous review when my bike reach 1,000km, but it is now at 1,406km. Many readers has asked to update the review after they have read my first review, so, here goes. Let me get this review done first by reviewing some problems that I have encountered with this bike all along.

Common problems with the Lagenda 115ZR:

Fuel meter

The fuel meter is not reliable and can’t be trusted. The fuel meter tends to show the bike actual fuel are more than what we expect. Have a look at this picture:

Do you think the bike still have 2/3 of the fuel from the total of 4.2liter tank capacity? Or at least half of it? Look at the picture below:

The total capacity to top up the fuel tank to the full is at 2.366 liter, which is more than half of the capacity of the fuel tank, and the fuel meter only showing NOT even half of it! I have a friend here in Banting, Selangor who also have 115ZR that at some point need to push need bike to the fuel station because he trusted the fuel meter so much, that he actually ride the bike with very little amount of fuel left in his fuel tank. Terrible! Why is it this thing came as surprise? It is because most of the bike actually will have fuel meter pointing more to the E sign that refers to EMPTY when the actual fuel in the fuel tank is about half, but 115ZR fuel meter pointing more to the F sign that refers to FULL. So, anyone who are thinking to buy this bike need to be careful about this.


115ZR is an underpowered bike compared to many bikes from Honda, Modenas and even its own Lagenda 110Z series. Refer the comparison here. The 115ZR is in fact the lowest power-to-weight ratio in the chart at 79.6 compared to previous model of Lagenda 110Z at 91.8. This will of course effect the fuel efficiency and acceleration.

Top speed that I can get with this bike is only at 105km/h on normal flat road with the rear sprocket already changed to 37T which is smaller than the stock sprocket at 40T. On 40T, the maximum speed that I get is 100km/h. When riding this bike at 80km/h, I feel not confident to overtake big lorries or buses with 115ZR since it is not easy to get 100km/h even if I drop the gear to the third gear.

A few work around that I’m thinking now to upgrade the capability of my 115ZR is to use a bigger carb, maybe at 26mm and then fit it with 15-35T sprocket for better top speed and better torque.

On stock condition, this bike are no-way road runner.

You have read the common problems, now let’s read the advantages of the 115ZR.

Advantages of Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR:

Ride and handling

Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR have the SUPERB ride and handling that I have ever felt. Taking corners are never this fun with the 115ZR. It feels very confident and the handle bar have direct feel of the road condition. Compared to Modenas CT110 that I owned, CT110 feels like child’s play (sorry CT110 owners out there). 115ZR is an enjoyable bike to ride, with little more modification to obtain greater power and speed, this bike definitely are the best in its class. But, some riders said that the new Suzuki Smash V115Ā  is also a great bike with good top speed, fuel efficiency and also good handling that can challenge the Lagenda 115ZR.


115ZR is equipped with 2-piston caliper for the front brake and drum brake for the rear. This setup is the same with the Modenas CT110, but the differences, I must say are like, heaven and earth. With Lagenda 115ZR, the front brake feel are very good, maybe I can say, it is perfect. You can control how much braking power you want to apply to the front brake just by using your finger tips. For the rear brake that is using drum setup, it is also feels good and braking power is predictable and not dissapointing. But if Yamaha decide to use rear disc brake, it is much better.

Quality of parts

Every parts of this bike are high quality, even the small screw. FYI, the original brake caliper screw is priced at RM7 per piece, and that are much more expensive that normal screw that is about RM0.30 per piece. Believe me, the price if RM7 is worth it. I have been using RX-Z and Y125Z previously. I can see that the original screw are very resistant to rust. Try to expose the cheap screw to water and wait for few days, it’ll definitely rust.

Other than that, the welding of the chassis frame are nice and looks high quality enough. This gives confident to the riders to ride the bike for long distance ride.


This is a great bike with a few flaw in the technical department and a little bit underpowered, but it is one of the enjoyable bike I have ever own with its great ride and handling feel.

Note: This is based on my opinion to my Lagenda 115ZR and my Modenas CT110 that I own. You can have different opinion than me. You can comment at the bottom of this page.

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36 Replies to “My Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR 55-1406km Review”

  1. I owned CT110 and also had ride my brother’s 115z. In my opinion, much easier to handling CT110 compared to 115z when taking corner. I feel CT110 much stable. However, the pickup of 115z make me smile šŸ™‚ . On traffic light, 115z will be in front position in its class (rxz 125 laici mmng xleh nak challenge ah, level lain :P) .. Pickup is good, but i guess meter of 115z quite heavy. The speed 100km/h of 115z not same like others, maybe 20km/h difference kot ~
    CT110 for me, not had good pickup but when topspeed = smile šŸ˜› ~ With my CT110, standard kilang with sprocket 14-38 i had tapau laici once on the topspeed. Maybe just the case, both bikes already pulas abih throttle. sekali jer pastu dah xpernah dah :'(


  2. Mr eddy, according to your review i think in terms of size lagenda is bigger and suitable for a 88kg person like me. But in terms of performance i think wave 110 rs is better. Iā€™m using modenas 110 1st model (2nd hand) now. I want to change to either 115z or 110rs because my current modenas is very weak in pick up n top speed.. Also got problem with engine coil. But iā€™m more to 115z actually. Hehehe.. So mr eddy, i want your opinion personally, which bike should i take?

  3. Which one the best:Budget below then myr 6000
    1:Suzuki shogun125 without clutch
    2:Yamaha zr115 same like u
    3:Yamaha ego lc125 new version (coolant)
    4:Honda wave x125
    already in my list to take which one the best quality,low maintanance,and
    good speed..plz bro need yr oppinion..

  4. lagenda115z oni get to 110 top spd wif stock setting,after changing 28mm carb n 15/35 sprocket still the same top spd,i heard the problem is the cdi(cut-off)…which limits the rpm to 5000+ …will provide later update when ive changed the cdi n larger block

  5. Salam, saya baru beli 115zr ni awal Jan11. Handling memang superb..footrest kiri kanan dah sagat tar. Cuma tak puas hati speed dia la. Nak naik 100 pun rasa berat (mungkin meter yg berat ikut komen seperti diatas la)
    Ada sekali motor mati tengah jalan (millage baru 600km). Call kedai angkut naik lori..under waranty maa…
    Check punya check..pomen kata carburetor sumbat..ntah la. So far dah 1400km ok la.
    Thanks for the review. Keep up the good works

  6. salam,
    i been use 115z since August 2010. two way travel, kulim-penang at +/- 80km per day and the FC for full tank is just 2 day use..
    the speed is around 60-85km/j depend on traffic condition. i just use RON95 since the higher RON got the higher prices.

  7. berdasarkan ap yg sy harungi bersama 115ZR sy sejauh hmpir 10k km……. (atau lebih =P )
    [ maaf tk ingt lak meter da berapa km… hehe ]

    sebab sy pnya 115ZR setting standard lagi, tukar spoket 15-T37,retune carb…..
    tapi saya boleh follow kawan saya yg ride 125Z dgn LC135…..
    tk dapat potong, tapi boleh ikut….

    bab berat, mmg diakui, 115ZR mmg lebih berat, dan mmg sakit jiwa kalau jatuh….
    ( baru overshoot ari tue) tp design body bagus, mengurangkan kesan calar bila crash….

    tentang FC pula, sy prnh wat solo ride dari kulim ke shah alam, guna RON97…
    kira boleh pegi jauh juga la….. tk terasa sgt mnyk, dlm 3tangki kalau tk silap pun tk abes….
    speed average 120~130kmh….. conclusion, satu tangki dalam 100~130km jarak pada kelajuan biasa….
    kalau masa ride dari johor ke kulim pula, sy ride dgn dua org kawan saya, sorg bawak ex5, sorg lagi bawak ss110…
    mnyk kami bertiga dalam Rm50~70 sahaja (tiga biji motor)

    tentang meter, da dibuktikan bahawa meter 115z/zr lebih berat berbanding moped yg lain…..
    average dalam 10%, dari info yg saya dapat yg tk dapat sy ingt n nyatakan disini…..

    pd pndapat saya, 115z/zr ni bermasalah pd power sbb CDI dia cut off terlalu awal…. lagipun kalau dibndingkan saiznya mmg lebih kecil dari mane2 moped yg lain…..itu belum tgk bahagian enjin, valve, piston, dll……

    1. pasal fuel consumption sbnarnye kena test dulu full tank dpt brp km utk norml speed….
      so nnt le anggar2 la takuk2 ni brp bnyk le pergi…
      lagenda lame klau setakat takuk E memag le g jau lg…
      jarak yg selamat dlm 30-45 km…

      1. sebenarnya saya dah test ride moto ni ke perlis.. minyak memang jimat giler.. satu tangki penuh boleh bawak seorang penumpang pada jarak 178 – 180 km dengan kelajuan tetap 80km/j. minyak saya pernah E tapi masih boleh teruskan perjalanan dari kepala batas ke georgetown melalui jambatan pulau pinang tanpa sebarang masalah.

  8. herm. 2x ak pernah ade minyak, lever die dh dekat E, tp ak still leh bw dari alamanda (putrajaya) ke cyberjaya. which is perjalanan yg leh tahan la gak jaraknye..

  9. agree with you bro.. the handling are SUPERB!! and for the top speed, u need to test back with the other bike…maybe with honda wave 110. Honda are known for their ‘heavy’ spedometer reading..

  10. are you sure and not satisfy about the top speed?
    what i know from others, 115zr speed meter more weight than other which mean old lagenda maybe at 120++km/h and 115zr at 110km/h…
    i don’t know if it is wrog, but let you test and compare with other bike especially old lagenda and 135LC.
    give more review..hhe

    1. i already tested my bike yamaha lagenda 115z with my friend’s yamaha 125zr on highway from seberang jaya to autocity juru.. u have to know that this bike speed meter are more weight than other bikes. my bike only can reach the top speed at 122km/h but my friend’s bike (yamaha 125zr) is already reach 150km/h when he ride beside me.. so what do you think…??

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