Mikuni VM Carburetor Super Tuning Manual (PDF)

Mikuni VM Carburetor Super Tuning Manual (PDF)

I have stumble upon this very precious and detailed information provided by Mikuni American Corporation about Mikuni carburetor which is commonly used in Yamaha bikes especially Yamaha RX-Z and Yamaha 125Z.
The file is in PDF form and it is a very good read if you want to tune your carburetor whether to race or just daily usage and fuel efficiency.
I want to thanks Mikuni American Corporation for providing this good read for us to do our own tuning with proper guidance.
The file can be downloaded here

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  1. @esd no, it is not posibble yet. I have tried so many times to find this manual from the net and also from Yamaha dealer, but they don't have it. Don't worry, as soon as I got it to my hand, you can be sure that I'll be sharing it.

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