Honda Wave 110RS vs Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR

2010 Honda Wave 110 RS
Honda Wave 110 RS


Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR
Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR
Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR Honda Wave 110RS
Bore × stroke 50×57.9mm*
Displacement 113.7cc*
Compression ratio 9.3:1
Max. output 6.0 kW/7500r/min
Max. torque 8.3 N.m/5500 r/min
Bore x Stroke 50.0 x 55.6mm
Displacement 109.1cc
Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Maximum Horse Power 6.22kW/7500rpm*
Maximum Torque 8.59Nm /5500rpm*
Engine start: Electric starter / kick Electric starter / kick
Wheel : Alloy cast sport rim Alloy cast sport rim
Fuel Tank: 4.2 liter* 3.7 liter
Price: RM5,504.25 OTR (third-party all rider) RM5,434.13 OTR (third-party all rider)*

*Green bold text means it is better than the other one.

First of all, let me tell you that I’m one of the happy owner of Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR. I like to do this comparison between Honda Wave 11oRS and Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR due to it similarity in features and price range. I’ll divide this comparison into 3 important part that is features, performance and fuel efficiency. Read on!


Both bike features electric starter which is a good addition just in case you might have injured leg some day in future. Personally, I like to have bike with electric starter since I have been using kick starter for long time since I have my Honda C70 and also because I have injured my knee.

Tubeless tyre can be installed to both of the bike since it features alloy cast sport rim. This is important if you usually ride for long distance since tubeless tyre are easier to repair and also easy to maintain.


Honda Wave 110RS wins on maximum horsepower at 6.22kW/7500RPM compared to Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR at only 6.0kW on the same RPM range. Anyway, it is easier to hit 100km/h on Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR based on my test drive on my friend’s Honda Wave 110R. Maximum torque also won by Honda Wave 110RS since it produced 8.59Nm/5500RPM compared to Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR at 8.3Nm also on the same RPM range. For me, this is quite odd since Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR have longer stroke, which should reflect to better torque compared to Honda Wave 110RS. Long stroke is equivalent to higher torque. It is even more odd since Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR is displaced at 113.7cc whereby Honda Wave 110RS is just at 109.1cc. It makes me think that Honda engineer has made a very well engineered 110cc engine compared to the Yamaha’s. The power from the engine does not depend just about how large the cc is but also how easy it is to deliver the power to the transmission. Power from the engine are restricted by friction from the piston movement, crankshaft movement and also from the weight of the engine parts inside it such as piston itself, crankshaft and clutch. Honda has noticed about this and hence has made the decision to make a 10% lighter piston and also reducing friction anywhere possible inside the engine. Therefore, it is not really an odd situation to actually think that 110cc engine can be better in terms of performance compared to 115cc engine.

Fuel efficiency

Honda Wave 110RS is weigh at 96kg(dry weight) and Yamaha Lagenda at 103kg(dry weight). With lower weight and smaller displacement engine with larger power-to-weight ratio, Honda Wave 110RS wins without any contest in terms of fuel efficiency. Boon Siew Honda reported that this bike can go to 52.5km for every one liter of fuel which is way better that the previous 100cc engine that it replace. I don’t know the fuel mileage data for the Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR (Yamaha Lagenda 110Z is up to 42.7 km/L at highway speeds), but on paper, Honda Wave 110RS is really fuel-efficient. This fuel efficiency came from a carburetted bike. Imagine how much the bike can be more fuel efficient if it is equipped with PGM-FI fuel injection system that replace the carburetor which is readily available in Thailand.


Honda Wave 110RS wins in terms of performance and fuel efficiency. Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR is good in terms of design and on par with Honda Wave 110RS in terms of features. The bottom line is Honda Wave 110RS is cheaper than Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR at about RM50, so, if you were thinking whether to buy either bike, now you know to make your decision.

But, please remember, I’m one of the happy owner of Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR. Read my review about it here

UPDATE (1/10/2010):

Top speed

Lagenda 115ZR = 100km/h (based on my ride on my bike)

Wave 110RS = 91km/h (based on data from Boon Siew Honda)

UPDATE (11/10/2010):


Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR have excellent cornering stability compared to Honda Wave 110RS based on my test drive.

8 Replies to “Honda Wave 110RS vs Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR”

  1. Mr eddy, according to your review i think in terms of size lagenda is bigger and suitable for a 88kg person like me. But in terms of performance i think wave 110 rs is better. I’m using modenas 110 1st model (2nd hand) now. I want to change to either 115z or 110rs because my current modenas is very weak in pick up n top speed.. Also got problem with engine coil. But i’m more to 115z actually. Hehehe.. So mr eddy, i want your opinion personally, which bike should i take?

        1. Both bikes are great. I have 2 friend here; one with Wave RS and the other with Lagenda 115ZR. Both are happy rider. So, really, it is up to you to choose. For me, I’m happy with my Lagenda 115ZR.

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