Modified Yamaha 135LC from Sarawak by y4stroker

Modified Sarawak Yamaha 135LC

y4stroker from Sarawak has sent these images to Here are the modification specs:

-Sugaya racing clucth springs
-Racing Boy clutch and brake lever
-Racing boy SP399 125z Rims (1.6 front,2.15 rear)
-Racing boy Racing footrest V1 (i removed the rear pegs n use single only)
-Yamaha Engine cover
-Yamaha Racing seat
-Yamaha 125Z rear disc assy
-YSS 7 step monoshock
-Honda CBR150 tail light
-Carbon fiber look alike front auxiliary kit

4 more pictures after the jump.

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5 Replies to “Modified Yamaha 135LC from Sarawak by y4stroker”

  1. Regarding AP to import an LC (or car) from another country, it would be beyond
    mere mortals like us. Here’s a link worth reading if anyone has plans to
    import a vehicle.

    In the meantime we could spend RM280 for rear disk, carburetor mods with
    larger main jet(RM10) and pilot jet (RM8), replace exhaust header pipe (RM60),
    adjust the throttle position sensor, replace air filter to a high flow unit plus
    some minor mod to the air box, adjust fuel-air mixture screw.
    I suppose next stage would be more work intensive… like port & polish cylinder head.
    All these to get a bit more fun out of a standard LC without going overboard on
    modification costs.
    I’ll would stop here … and go no further on the path to expensive costs of larger valve,
    piston, specialised ignition kit… I might as well consider an R6 ! except I don’t have
    RM70,000 to spare.
    All these to get a bit more jazz out of our standard LC :))

    I digress…

    Anyway, let hope Hong Leong Yamaha would take the smart approach
    and introduce the FI version of the LC.
    Don’t hold your breath….

    Happy riding. :))

  2. Hong Leong Yamaha could repackage the LC135 Extreme Spirit
    (and call it Ultimate or some appropriate kool marketing name)
    adding rear disk brakes, tacho, larger fuel tank and Fuel Injection as standard equipment,
    It can be a premium LC135i model that replaces the LC135 ES with a 10-15% hike
    in price over the base model LC with rear drum brakes, wire wheels and carburetor.
    This will keep the base model LC price low to win sales away from Honda Wave 125
    and other competitors.

    Zinging along the freeway between Ipoh and Lumut at 110-120kph on my LC,
    I get good fuel consumption of 34 km/litre. I have read on forums a number of riders
    on Spark 135i getting 42 km/l. Of course these figures vary depending on ridding habit.
    My Yam SS2 110 screamer gets about 26km/l and my clothes stink of 2T oil.

    Hope Hong Leong Yamaha can be more progressive in marketing their LC top seller
    and stay on top with a LC 135i introduction than their Banking brothers whose been
    overtaken by Public bank some years ago.

    1. I strongly agree with you. I guessing that most Yamaha bikers here are waiting for the introduction of the Yamaha 135LC with FI and rear brake disc whatever the name whether X1R, Spark i, 135LCi etc. About the price, it will not be as high as the Yamaha FZ-150i, so in the end, the price is still acceptable to most Malaysian. I definitely will buy one if it is ever going to be introduced here.
      HLYM needs to do something. In Indonesia, Yamaha really care about their customer and also blogger. Indonesian biker and blogger get a special invitation to see the launch of the new Yamaha Jupiter Z 115 (Lagenda 115Z here). The input from bikers and bloggers should be taken into consideration if HLYM are serious to be the number one bike seller in Malaysia.
      If HLYM did not do anything, then, we’ll wait for Honda to bring in the Wave 125i.

  3. Thank you for your write up about the likelihood of a new Yamaha LC 135i ES.
    It’s been a ‘not likely’ response from Hong Leong Yamaha regarding
    marketing of the Fuel Injected version of the LC135. They did not
    any reasons.

    Frustrating to say the least, I wonder If you could share your thoughts on
    why the reluctance. By introducing a quality product like FI, it would
    show case Yamaha technology. The current LC has been in the
    market for 4-5 years, I feel the glow and excitement for this bike
    has wane. It is a very good package – the LC135. I would be keen
    to update my LC if a fuel injected model is introduced to Malaysia.

    Thailand has had the Fuel Injected model since 2008.
    Same situation seems to be for the Honda Wave 110i / 125i.

    I wonder how feasible is it to cross over the border to bring
    one Yamaha Spark RX 135i back to Malaysia.
    What are the import hurdles one have to overcome?


    1. Yes, it is frustating for me too. In fact, for all Malaysian bikers. I really like to see a Malaysia version Yamaha X1R which features FI system with front and rear disc brake as standard. There are too many benefits that we can get from the FI system and the one that is most important is the fuel efficiency.

      To import bikes from other country, we need to have AP and don’t know how to do that. Just hope HLYM will surprise us someday soon. Then, make sure you’ll buy one.

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