Spyshot: Is this Yamaha 150LC spotted testing in Malaysia?



There are 3 images that shows the alleged Yamaha 150LC (or Exciter FI 150 in Vietnam) spotted on few tests on the roads in Malaysia.
We can see the Malaysian roadtax on the car that takes the picture of the bike.
The image is not clear, but I can see the exhaust pipe is really looking the same like the Exciter FI 150 that recently launched in Vietnam. Check out 2 more pictures after the jump and decide it yourself whether this is Yamaha 150LC or not. 
We are not sure whether this bike will to Malaysia or not since there is the availability of the Yamaha FZ150i which is in the same capacity of 150cc. Looking on the positive side, there is Lagenda 115Z with 115cc along with the Ego S which also 115cc but in different category. So, will it make to Malaysia? We don’t know.



Via: Dean Fireblade, BHAuto.my

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