2015 Honda Vario 150 FI launched in Indonesia – ride the perfection


A new variant of Honda Vario has make its way to Indonesia with bigger capacity engine at 150cc, hence the name Vario 150. It is equipped with eSP engine that refers to ‘enchanced Smart Power’. A bigger capacity engine for an automatic bike like this is a welcomed addition as we as the riders likes to have more choices for our bikes. We also like to have more power since they enables us to ride longer distance without stressing the engine.


The top speed of the 2015 Honda Vario 150 FI as tested using the performance metric measured at 102 km/h which is already good for an automatic bike like this.


2015 Honda Vario 150 can accelerate from 0 to 200 meter in a brisk at 11.94 seconds. Base on this number, you can easily become the new traffic light champion.


With great power and acceleration, Honda has not emitted the fuel-efficiency that they are known for. It is measured at 52.9km for every liter of fuel that you pour into it.


The LED tail light are now brighter and can makes it easy for you to be noticed by riders who are behind you which means better safety.


The word ‘Techno’ on the side really suits this bike as it really looking futuristic much like a robot. There are a lot of sharp lines and edges all around the Vario 150. Also can be noticed is the word PGM-FI that shows that this Vario 150 is equipped with fuel injection system.


The exhaust cover are nicely designed to fit the overall look of the bike and of course can prevent accidental damage to your skin if you touched it.


The engine is equipped with friction reducing technology like the roller rocker arm to minimise friction and makes it produces more power.


The key lock now features shutter to make sure the security is handled one more notch. Seat opening can easily being done with this button.


Brake lever lock on the on the left of the handle is one addition that has come since the day of the Honda iCon. Really important when the bike is parked to a sloped condition.


Side stand switch fitted as a safety measure where you need to pull in the side stand first before you can start the bike. I remember my friend thought the bike is broken since it can’t started, actually he just forgot to pull in the side stand (Honda iCon).


A bigger side glove box so you can put your glove, small items and maybe a water bottle too.


The front headlight features dual keen eyes that is looking sharp and very ‘Techno’.


Underseat box are able to fit full face helmet inside it so no more worries to get your helmet stolen or drenched in rain again.


Brake system are now Combi System where it can sense the stopping power you need and also initiate the rear braking even if you only pull the front brake lever.


The meter cluster of the Honda Vario 150 is superb and again, very ‘Techno’. There is the combination of analog and digital information display but there is no tachmeter. It got the button for idle-stop system that can helps you to saves more fuel and save the environment from excessive CO2.

Great job Honda! When will this arrive to Malaysia?

Tipe Mesin: 4 langkah, SOHC pendinginan dengan cairan
Diameter x Langkah: 57,3 x 57,9 mm
Volume Langkah: 149,3 cc
Perbandingan Kompresi: 10,6:1
Daya Maksimum: 9,3 kW / 8500 rpm
Torsi Maksimum: 12,8 N.m / 5000 rpm
Kopling: Otomatis, sentrifugal, tipe kering
Starter: Pedal dan elektrik
Busi: ND U27EPR-9, NGK CPR9EA-9
Sistem Bahan Bakar: Injeksi (PGM-FI)

Kapasitas Tangki: 5.5 liter bahan bakar
Kapasitas Minyak Pelumas: 0.8 liter pada penggantian periodik
Transmisi: Otomatis, V-Matic
Kelistrikan: Baterai 12 V – 5 Ah (tipe MF)
Sistem Pengapian: Full Transisterize, Baterai

Panjang x Lebar x Tinggi: 1.921 x 683 x 1.096 mm
Jarak Sumbu Roda: 1.280 mm
Jarak Terendah ke Tanah: 135 mm
Berat Kosong: 109 kg

Tipe Rangka: Tulang Punggung
Tipe Suspensi Depan: Teleskopik
Tipe Suspensi Belakang: Lengan ayun dengan shockbreaker tunggal
Ukuran Ban Depan: 80/90 – 14 M/C 40P (Tanpa ban dalam)
Ukuran Ban Belakang: 90/90 – 14 M/C 46P (Tanpa ban dalam)
Rem Depan: Cakram hidrolik dengan piston tunggal
Rem Belakang: Tromol
Sistem Pengereman: Combi Brake System (CBS)
Idling Stop System: Tersedia

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