FSR Technology TuneBoss for 2013 Yamaha FZ150i – advanced standalone wireless ECU from Malaysia – RM430


TuneBoss is an advanced standalone Engine Control Unit (ECU) designed by FSR Technology Sdn Bhd. As most already know, the ECU is the brain of the bike. It controls all critical parameters such as the ignition timing, air-to-fuel mixture (AFR) ratio based on inputs and sensors such as the Throttle Position Sensor and Manifold Sensor.

FSR Technology was founded in 2011 by 2 computer engineers, Farhan and Suffian. The R stands for Research or Racing. These homegrown electronics wizards from Malaysia designed the entire ECU from scratch, from the hardware, the firmware right up to the software. The capabilities of this TuneBoss ECU are going to make tuners and performance enthusiasts very happy.


Most tunable aftermarket ECUs, require a computer connection to be tuned. This usually involves cables (like OBD from cars). FSR Technology is taking things to the next level by having Bluetooth wireless connectivity standard on all their TuneBoss ECUs. This means you can tune it whenever you like by connecting it to your smartphone via Bluetooth without ever dealing with messy cables.

A lot of information can be displayed on your Android smartphone via the TuneBoss app. You can see the speed, the RPM, battery voltage, engine temp (manifold sensor), throttle position sensor (TPS), ignition timing, errors (signal light not functioning, radiator fan not working, etc). Simply said, whatever you ECU can read and sense from the sensor, you can have it displayed on your smartphone. Fuel and spark adjustment is also possible right from your phone.


What about cut-off? Can we remove it? This question always comes up and the answer is, YES!

TuneBoss comes with a 10% increase in rev limit compared to the stock ECU. This means that if the stock ECU is limited to 10,000RPM, TuneBoss will increase this limit to 11,000RPM out of the box.

But we want more! Future upgrade modules will enable the TuneBoss to rev up to 13,000+RPM, which is suitable for extreme mods and for closed circuit racing. You need to pay a fee to enable the TuneBoss to rev it to this point and as said by Farhan, he wants you to know what the risk you are taking if you try to make its rev higher. Of course, a higher RPM limit can make the engine less reliable. You just need to find the sweet spot of engine power and a suitable RPM limit. There is also a quickshifter upgrade module which will be released in February 2015.

2013  and earlier Yamaha FZ150i comes with stock output at 14.88hp. Based on my interview at their booth at International Motorcycle Fest at Shah Alam Stadium, their fully modded bike was measured on dyno at 21hp. The number is quite a feat from a bike with 150cc 4-stroke engine. Their latest numbers are now at 25+hp. That is a 70% increase over the stock bike!

The first TuneBoss model supports the 2013 and earlier Yamaha FZ150i. They are now focusing their attention on the 2014+ Yamaha FZ150i and Lagenda 115z FI, so the 2013 Yamaha FZ150i TuneBoss ECU are now in limited stocks.

The price for the TuneBoss ECU is at RM430 and that is cheap if you compare its competitors. A tuneable ECU from Taiwan is priced at RM700 and that doesn’t include yet the wireless module. For a wireless module, it can fetch up to RM1,000.

There is only a single, full-featured TuneBoss model for each bike model. This makes it easy for bike owners as they just need to buy one and get all the features.

Great job FSR Technology!

[TuneBoss App can be downloaded here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fsrtech.tuneboss.manager ]

More info at http://facebook.com/fsrtech


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