Akrapovic Winning Ride briefing

6-Akrapovic-006-Akrapovic focus on titanium cast parts because they want to get the best quality for their products.
-They have more than 600 employees and still expanding quite fast nowadays.
-Mostly their product based on Titanium parts.
-They use Hydroforming to reshape the muffler (Using high pressure water to get the shape of the muffler)
-Also have Rubberforming technology.
-They use 3D scanner to run RnD and also the bike itself for testing the prototype.
-Akrapovic name come from the owner last name, they change their logo due to legal issues in 1999

-The founder name is Igor Akrapovic.
-He was a racer with limited budget whom not satisfied with his current exhaust, he then tune the exhaust himself for the upcoming race. (He wins)
-In 2009 they open new factory.
-In 1994 – Enter International Competition (First competition)
-In 1999 – All Japanese Factory teams use Akrapovic in WSBK
-In 2000 – First World Championship Title in WSBK
-In 2002 – Entered MotoGP Class.
-In 2011 – Entered Custom Segments.
-Had won 87 World Champion Titles.
-Had 60+ Teams in Wold Championship
-Got 24 best brand awards.
-Won Red Dot Award : Best of the best award in Product design Category for Ducati 1199 (Titanium)
-Akrapovic also provides an apps for iOS which is good for marketing. Easy to use and have many info there.
-They do not be able to develop exhaust system for underbone.
-Because they can’t guaranteed the quality because of the price.
Word and text from our new writer: Muhammad Izzamir.

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