2014 Honda CB650F, CBR650F and CBR250R are coming to Malaysia very soon – 2 days before Ramadhan?


We have been waiting for the CBR250R for a while now since it has been launched earlier in Thailand and Indonesia. It is just about time that we are going to get this. The engine are still the same from the 2011 Honda CBR250R MC41 engine but few optimization has been made on the intake airflow and new exhaust muffler design. The 1-cylinder 249cc DOHC engine with the bore and stroke dimension of 76.0 mm x 55.0 mm are now able to maxes out 29ps at 9,000RPM with the torque rated at 23Nm at 7,300RPM. The one thing that can be noted here is that the fuel efficiency has also increased to 50.1km/l. Tank capacity is 13l, so, this means that you can go 651.3km with every fuel tank, theoritically.  

Also coming is the entry-level inline-four 650cc engine from Honda that should be priced low since it is entry-level. It got that nice naked look and the inline-four engine must sounded buzzy enough to get your adrenalin pumping. The 16-valve inline-four DOHC engine claimed to push 85.8hp and 46.4 lb-ft of torque. 

If you prefer to slide away with the wind, you can choose the full-fairing version that looks good too. The handlebar is lower and closer to the tank for that race-like look and better to slips from the wind riding style.

Price for the bikes are unknown yet, but here are our estimates:

2014 Honda CBR250R RM16,500

2014 Honda CB650F RM48,999

2014 Honda CBR650F RM49,999

Please be reminded that the price is ESTIMATION only!!!

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