Confirmed: 2014 Honda CBR250R will follow the double headlight design as of the CBR300R coming this 24th April to Japan – estimated RM18,254


Honda Japan has give a confirmation about the availability of the CBR250R that will use the double headlight design as of the recently introduced CBR300R in Thailand. This is logical and actually cost effective since the similar design will use similar parts hence minimizing the variety of the parts that the factory needs to prepare. I have read earlier that this CBR250R will be the global model along with the CBR300R. I’m thinking that for the country specific regulation, the country might get the CBR300R or CBR250R but not both. We have seen that Thailand got the CBR300R, so Malaysia and Indonesia might be getting the CBR250R.

2014-cbr250rThe design of the 2014 CBR250R is absolutely interesting which is sportier and much more race-like in terms of the appearance. The highlight of the design is the use of the double headlight that looks like the CBR1000RR (a.k.a The Rabbit). In my opinion, the double headlight looks much more modern and looks more ‘balanced’. The design is different than the 2011 CBR250R which follows the design cues of the VFR1200. 

2014-cbr250r-engine-cutoutThe engine are still the liquid-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke 4-valve DOHC but now tuned to extract 1kW more power than the previous 2011 CS250RE engine. Modifications has been done to the connecting tube and the intake duct for better airflow that provides better performance of the engine. The 2014 Honda CBR250R engine is rated at 29PS at 9,000RPM and maxes out the torque at 23Nm at 7,500RPM. It still carries the oversquare dimension where the bore x stroke is measured at 76.0 x 55.0mm. Oversquare engine are characterised by its rev-happy engine that gives exhilarating top end power. As shown above, you need to get to 9,000RPM to extract the maximum power of 29PS out of it. The fuel system are managed by the Honda PGM-FI that will provide accurate fuel measurement to the engine and this will definitely help in terms of the fuel-efficiency. This bike can go 50.1km for every liter of fuel at constant speed of 60km/h. This means that you can take it to 651.3km with just one full tank of 13liter.

cbr250r_2014_7CBR250R in Indonesia will have its contender from Kawasaki that is the RR Mono that is recently launched that make the category of single-cylinder 250cc bike more interesting. Comparing to the RR Mono at 28hp, the CBR250R has the advantage in terms of engine power. The RR Mono bore x stroke measures at 72.0 x 61.2mm which is also oversquare but not as oversquare as the CBR250R. (Note: Oversquare means that the bore is larger than the stroke dimension).

cbr250r_2014_82014 Honda CBR250R is priced at Japanese Yen 577,000 that translates to RM18,254 (direct conversion bro, no import tax added).

  2014 Honda CBR250R Technical Specifications

Common name CBR250R
Model Code
Honda · JBK-MC41
Total length × width × height (mm) 2,035 × 720 × 1,120
Wheelbase (mm) 1,380
Ground clearance (mm) 145
Seat height (mm) 780
Vehicle weight (kg) 161 [164]
Riding Capacity (people) Two
Minimum Turning Radius (m) 2.5
Engine model type MC41E · water-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 4-valve single-cylinder
Total displacement (cm 3) 249
Inner diameter × stroke (mm) 76.0 × 55.0
Compression ratio 10.7
Maximum output (kW [PS] / rpm) 21 [29] / 9,000
Maximum torque (N · m [kgf · m] / rpm) 23 [2.3] / 7,500
Fuel consumption rate ※ 2 (km / L) Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport notification value fixed area fuel efficiency 50.1 (60km / h constant speed test value) <2 occupants when>
WMTC mode value (class) 32.4 (class 3-1) ※ 3 <1 occupants when>
Fuel supply system format Electronic <electronically controlled fuel injection system (PGM-FI)>
Starting method Electric starter
Ignition device format Full transistor battery ignition
Lubricating method Pumping splash combination formula
Fuel tank capacity (L) 13
Clutch type Coil spring wet multi-plate
Transmission format Mesh-type 6-speed return
Transmission gear ratio 1 speed 3.416
2-speed 2.250
3-speed 1.650
4-speed 1.350
Fifth 1.166
6-speed 1.038
Reduction ratio (primary / secondary) 2.807/2.571
Caster angle (degrees) / Trail amount (mm) 25 ° 30 ‘/ 98
Tire Front 110/70-17M/C 54S
Rear 140/70-17M/C 66S
Brake type Front Hydraulic disc
Rear Hydraulic disc
Suspension system Front Telescopic
Rear Swing arm (Pro-Link)
Frame format Diamond

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