2014 Honda CBR300R unveiled at Thailand Motor Show


After being introduced in China last year, the refreshed design of Honda CBR300R has arrived to Thailand. This CBR300R are said to be the global model, so it might also comes to Malaysia. In Malaysia, we have the CBR250R and this 2014 model also have the 250cc variant with the same styling. The one in shown in the picture above is splashed with Honda Repsol team with the background of Marc Marquez on the Honda RC213V which should makes it appeal to any riders when Marquez just won his first race in MotoGP Qatar. 


It still comes with the single cylinder setup carried from the last year configuration but the overall styling is very well polished. This could be the design that Honda should make in the first place. It looks much more modern and fit the style of Honda. Also available is the HRC Tricolor that could make the bike look faster and easier to notice.


One of the most prominent changes is the use of the double headlight cluster that is looking similar with the 2006 Kawasaki ZX6R, but there is some differences that sets it apart. We can see that the headlight is much sharper. This double headlight design has been used previously with the CBR150R before it has been taken out from the market in Malaysia.


CBR300R comes with ABS variant for better braking in difficult situation. Thai riders are lucky to have this ABS model to choose. It is easy to notice the ABS brake system by looking at the disc brake plate that have the circular conjugated hole on it.

Every riders especially the Honda fans in Malaysia are waiting for this, so Boon Siew Honda, if you are listening, please bring this on and make the price below RM15k. It would be the bike of choice in 250cc category (300cc variant will not likely make its way here).

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