Honda NSR250R by TYGA Performance

Just looking at this top clamp by TYGA Performance, I can already know much love TYGA has put to design and makes it suits the look of the aggressive NSR250R. You can also buy the parts from them if you follow them on FB. 3 more pictures after the jump:  

Confirmed: 2014 Honda CBR250R will follow the double headlight design as of the CBR300R coming this 24th April to Japan – estimated RM18,254

Honda Japan has give a confirmation about the availability of the CBR250R that will use the double headlight design as of the recently introduced CBR300R in Thailand. This is logical and actually cost effective since the similar design will use similar parts hence minimizing the variety of the parts that the factory needs to prepare….

Gallery: 2014 Kawasaki Ninja RR Mono (250SL) launched in Indonesia – 250cc single-cylinder 28hp Ninja 150R successor – Rp. 39,9 million or MYR11,246.936 [UPDATED]

Kawasaki Motor Indonesia finally have officially released Ninja RR Mono/250SL, the successor of their own 2-stroke Ninja 150R, as the world premiere of this global model. The name Ninja RR Mono or the Ninja 250SL is used in different market with different names but, carries no changes of the bike internals except for the minor…