2014 Bikes from Honda – Dunk, CBR250R and CB400 Super Four


Other than the previously featured Honda CB1300 Super Bol D’Or,  Honda also preparing 3 more bikes for reveal in 2014. Here we have the 50cc 4-stroke liquid-cooled scooter, Honda Dunk. The popular Honda CBR250R also gets updated with new body design especially the double headlight that is different than the single headlight as of previous model. Then, there is Honda CB400 Super Four which carries retro design styles that is looking very nice and comes with 4-cylinder engine that should give lots of torque. 

2014 Honda CBR250R

The facelift for the bike in 2014 is a good move. It will make the CBR250R popular again after the introduction in 2010. This one follows the current design started by the CBR500R, which actually follows the based engine from CBR250R. In HRC Tricolor, it is looking good and desirable.

2014 Honda CB400 Super Four

Personally, I think that the CB400 Super Four is a great bike to be offered in Malaysia if it is CKD in Thailand since that would give it a lower price and with that sense of style, it sure brings back the memories of the CB400 original feel. It is a good bike for daily commuters that are looking for 4-cylinder engine other than the usual 2-cylinder engine at this category.

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