2013 Honda CB150R Streetfire High-res Official Pictures in Indonesia

2013 Honda CB150R Lightning White

PT Astra Honda of Indonesia has updated their website with this 2013 Honda beauty, the CB150R Streetfire. We have written earlier about this Trellis frame beauty here(opens in new page), so check it out. There are 4 colours to choose for. Speedy White, Lightning White, Astro Black and Furios Red. The one I like the most is the one in Lightning White colour. Check out the 3 more colours after the jump: 

2013 Honda CB150R Speedy White


2013 Honda CB150R Furious Red
2013 Honda CB150R Astro Black

For a high resolution pictures (2,048 x 1,347 px) of the CB150R Streetfire, click on the gallery image twice yo.

via: http://www.astra-honda.com

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