2013 Yamaha Vixion Lightning Official Pictures in Indonesia

2013 Yamaha Vixion Lightning Radiance Titanium Gold

YIMM has made available this official through its minisite for all of enthusiasts to enjoy the details of it. This 2013 Yamaha Vixion Lightning comes with 4 exciting colours that is Radiance Titanium Gold, Mysterious Solid Dark, Ultra Brave Spirit (Red) and White Reddish Lightning. 3 more pictures of the 2013 Yamaha Vixion Lightning after the jump: 

2013 Yamaha Vixion Lightning Mysterious Solid Dark

The changes comes in the exterior with the addition of rear brake disc, new head lamp style, colour rear monoshock, new meter cluster, fuel tank with integrated key and the wheel taken from the YZF-R15. Not just the exterior has been given the update for 2013, Yamaha also has made some changes in the engine as well. The previous model can give 11.1kW(15.2PS), but now this Lightning can brings it to 12.2kW (16.59PS).

2013 Yamaha Vixion Lightning Ultra Brave Spirit

From the minisite, Yamaha tells us that the fuel injection and electrical system has been tweaked for this Lightning. Also added is the Oxygen sensor. I thought, the combination of this 3 things (FI, electrical and O2 sensor) gives more power to this bike, but the O2 sensor actually works to make the emission cleaner and meets the Euro spec. So, this means that only the tweak of the FI and electrical system that helps the power increase from the previous model.

2013 Yamaha Vixion Lightning White Reddish Lightning

Other than that we can also see that this bike also using new kind of exhaust muffler (as in the minisite) that can contribute to the increase in power. Overall this bike has been updated nicely inside and outside. This is not just another pretty face, but comes with more power too.

via: http://www.yamaha-motor.co.id/new-vixion/tech/ via: IWB

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