2013 All new Honda CB150R StreetFire – Trellis frame beautiful machine

Honda CB150R StreetFire

Finally, the Trellis frame Honda has come out after about a year of rumors and denial about it in the webspace. It is named Honda CB150R StreetFire and has just recently unveiled in JMCS (Jakarta Motorcycle Show). This trellis frame for a Honda with 150cc engine is quite rare since Honda prefer to use the diamond type chassis (or Deltabox) for its bike. This implemention of diamond type can be look at the NSR150RR and CBR150R bike. This time Honda seems to go further and use a beautiful Trellis frame for its naked CB150R. 

The web of the Trellis frame of this CB150R is nicely designed and properly sized so that it won’t look too big or too thin for the overall stance of the bike. The Trellis frame is well exposed for the riders to appreciate the machine with its compact structure and added strength. The overall design of this bike works well and matched each other perfectly, from the headlamp, side half-fairing, radiator, wheel and the use of Pro-link suspension. BTW, it is also equipped with the fuel-efficient PGM-FI fuel injection system.

As you can see above, this CB150R StreetFire features the proven Pro-link suspension setup that should provide better shock absorbing for better handling and corner taking. The design of this Pro-link suspension itself is a really nice view to see when you get near the bike. And with Pro-link suspension, it means that it gets monoshock type rear suspension. It would be much better if it is equipped with the much loved elf-Honda ProArm.

The engine case, front sprocket protector and front footrest are looking beautiful in this picture. Everything is perfect and compliments each other. This CB150R StreetFire is definitely one the nicest naked 150cc bike I have ever seen and this time Honda doesn’t dissappoint. I’m ready to show the money if this bike ever make it to Malaysia.

You might want to ask what is the price and when will it come to Malaysia. The answer for both question is, I don’t know. But, I’ll keep you updated as soon as I get the info.

via: TMCBlog and thank to Pengecat Bintang for sharing the pic on the MM FB page


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