2013 Yamaha Spark 115i YEC_FI – super fuel efficient at 84.15km per liter

The riders of Thailand just got their new choice for an underbone 115 FI system with the recently launched Yamaha Spark 115i with YEC_FI (yeah, that is the official name, YEC_FI not YEC-FI). Thais has enjoyed FI bikes for a long time and this FI fitment to this bike is no surprise. One of the most interesting thing about FI system is about the fuel-efficiency that is better than the carburettor system.  Honda Super Cub 110 Pro which is a modern retro bike in Japan that is equipped with PGM-FI system can achieve 66.2 km/l which is already a great feat, but this Yamaha Spark 115i can go up to 84.15km/l as tested by journalist. Even if the data in too big to believe, having the fuel efficiency rating at 70km/l is already good enough to beat the Honda Super Cub Pro! You should be noted that the journalist really wanted to test the fuel-efficiency, so he rides the bike at 40-60km/h only.

If you are a relax kind of type rider, this bike can surely gives you the big fuel-efficiency returns. When discussing about FI system, we like to relate that to the cost of the FI parts compared to the more common carburetor parts. As noted by the press release by Yamaha Thailand, they said ‘The price for the parts that are right for you“. In my opinion, I think Yamaha has able to develop a low cost FI system and more fuel efficient compared to its own YMJET FI system previously.

I also think that Yamaha has segmented this YEC_FI system for fuel-efficient bike and YMJET FI system for performance bikes. You can also compare the fuel-efficiency data from the previous article I have compiled here.

via: http://tmcblog.com/2012/12/04/yamaha-spark-115i-bisa-diajak-irit-8415-kmliter-serem-nih-kalo-vega-fi-nanti-segini-irit/

and: http://www.yamaha-motor.co.th/News/View.aspx?ID=2180

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