Honda Super Cub 110 Pro

Honda Super Cub 110 Pro

The original Honda Cub C70 function is to serve as cheap and economy people mover. This philosophy has been brought to this new era with the introduction of Honda Super Cub 110 Pro.

The amazing features about this cub is that its fuel economy can reach up to 66.2km/l. This is way more fuel efficient than the current Honda Wave 110RS which only clocked about 49.4km/l. This is being done by equipping this bike with PGM-FI fuel delivery that replaces the carburetor.

The design keeps the retro looks, but all the features are all modern and technologically advanced (compared to the original cub).

For the top of the line version, Honda Super Cub 110 Ultra, it comes with i-VTEC and 6-speed twin clutch transmission for maximum fuel economy. This setup also give the power rating of this bike at 29hp. This is the most powerful 110cc 4-stroker ever. Just kidding.

Will it make to our shore in Malaysia?

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