Honda EX5 Dream Drag Race Modified

Honda EX5 Dream Drag Race Modified

Some people says that Honda EX5 Dream are not good and not durable compared to Honda EX5 High Power. The owner of this Honda EX5 Dream anyway doesn’t care about them and continue to modify his Dream to be drag machine.

The owner said that this Dream is used only for racing and not to be taken to the public road. I respect this.

What has been modified to this bike?


Engine base : Stock Dream engine

Engine Head: Modenas Kriss (ported and polished) with 30mm intake valve and 29mm exhaust valve.

Block: Modenas Kriss with 67mm piston

Carburetor: Not known

Crankshaft: Custom-made stroke up


Front: 16″ due to the engine head will hit the tyre if 17″ wheel is being used

Rear: 17″

Sprocket: 18 front -22 rear

Many of you might be thinking why this bike use the head and block from Modenas Kriss. I already have asked this question and he said that, this is due to Modenas Kriss engine can withstand high compression. Usually, I didn’t respect much about our own made bike that is the Modenas and think that their bike quality is low, but now my opinion to Modenas has changed. I owned a Modenas CT110 which I think I’m going to upgrade its performance soon.

Many thanks to Arab who have given me this picture. I met him and his friends at Sentul while looking for Y125Z parts.

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