SHOEI J-FORCE LUBLA TC-6 at – RM1,288.00

This SHOEI J-FORCE LUBLA TC-6 in white is a very nice looking helmet. What’s even better is that you can choose 4 sizes there from S(55cm), M(57cm), L(59cm) and XL(61cm) to really suit your head size. The M(57cm) is a good size for most riders in Malaysia where we usually got the size 60 for most of the helmet in the market right now. Some helmet in Malaysia have different feel in size even it is stated ‘SIZE 60’ on the label. For example, MS88 size 60 is much more smaller than Swan size 60. I’m not talking about the padding inside the helmet but the size of the helmet itself. 

The price for this helmet at RM1,288.00 is considered cheap compared to the one sold in Malaysia at RM2,500+. Anyway, you should be aware that this price is NOT including the shipping and the expensive tax for imported helmet. I also have tried to order this from Rakuten, but it seems to have error after I click ‘continue’ at the last order page for the shipping calculation. Maybe you try your luck there and tell us what is the total price including the shipping.

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