Review: Motor Star 2-spring rear suspension for Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR

I have replaced the stock Yamaha gas rear suspension with a new product from Motor Star which is the 2-spring. As the name suggests, this Motor Star rear suspension comes with two different spring thickness attached to the suspension setup. Two different thickness of the spring means that it have difference rebound rate. The thinner one at the bottom are used to absorb the small bump and maintain the comfort when riding in straight line. The one that is thicker on the top is used to absorb harsher and bigger bumps on the road. In theory, this would be a great setup setup since the suspension are now not too hard or too soft. 

After installing this Motor Star 2-spring suspension, I noticed that the rear are now higher that the previous rear suspension. This elevated give the bike much more racing stance. Also, I have no more worries on getting big and heavy passenger on the back since the suspension is making the bike higher. You can now take much lower cornering angle since the bike’s stand now have higher ground clearance. You also have higher confidence in taking your bike in unexpected off-road condition since your bike’s engine is far from the ground to be hit by rocks or divider.

This Motor Star 2-spring rear suspension is a good buy if you are looking something different that the usual single spring that you always see. The price is at RM118 per pair. Get it at a store near you.

Check out for more information about Motor Star 2-spring rear suspension here:

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