2011 Yamaha 135LC Auto Clutch Pictures at GTMax Motors

2011 Yamaha 135LC Auto Clutch

I have went to GTMax Motors in Seksyen 25, Shah Alam to look for the new 2011 Yamaha 135LC facelift. It is not just facelift anyway since the new auto clutch version also got a little bit engine modification that features Mikuni BS25 carburetor that gives increase in power and torque from the previous version.

What about the 5-speed manual clutch version?

The salesman at GTMax tells me that it is going to arrive in just two more weeks. Based on my previous experience with the information from them, like the RX-Z which is being discontinued which I knew from them long time ago at the launch of Ego LC in November, I think they are worthy of trust. So, let us see whether this is true or not soon.

Price for the 2011 Yamaha 135LC Auto Clutch at GTMax is RM6,900 OTR cash with first party all rider insurance.

For the 2011 Yamaha 135LC Manual/Hand Clutch, the price is RM7,400 OTR cash with first party all rider insurance.

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19 Replies to “2011 Yamaha 135LC Auto Clutch Pictures at GTMax Motors”

  1. New 135lc damn nice !!! yesterday accompany my friend go to buy lc auto clutch. Cash rm 6600 (1st party A/R), get the motorcycle on monday. Kedai boss say hand clutch more powerfu, but need to wait more 2 month just have stock. And his say basket for new lc havent come out yet so cant give us… haha

  2. if sekali dengan set kunci..? katakan appprox TOTAL dalam RM1-2k..?? ada kedai boleh buat..? lain laa kalau new buyer LC.. itu ok laa.. ni my old LC sekadar nak buat pi kerja je.. coverset dah memang nak kena tukar..

  3. wah mahal nye harga kat shah alam…
    kat batu pahat tadi baru servey dlm rm6.6k..mintak kurang leh bg sampai rm6.5k…
    tapi motor ni mmg menyerlah ar…
    bln depan beli ar..

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