2011 Yamaha 135LC 5-speed on Berita Harian Auto Section

2011 Yamaha 135LC 5-speed on Berita Harian Auto Section


I just read Berita Harian today news about the launching of 2011 Yamaha 135LC 5-speed in the Auto section. It is confirmed that it is being launched on 18th March. It is also confirmed that we will get the 5-speed manual clutch with Mikuni BS25 carburetor (the same with 2011 Jupiter MX in Indonesia). The power figures that has been upped to 12.3hp and 12Nm of torque from the auto clutch version at only 11.97hp (12hp as stated in the paper) and 11.79Nm of torque (the auto clutch also gets the Mikuni BS25 carburetor). The 2010 Yamaha 135LC only comes with Mikuni VN22 carburetor that provides 11.32hp of power and 11.65Nm of torque.

The bike is also confirmed to features the wider wheels, two-piston caliper for the front brake and rear disc brake (single-piston caliper, I think). The tyre that is equipped for 2011 Jupiter MX in Indonesia is from IRC with the size of 70/90-17 x 2.15 38P for the front and 100/70-17 x 2.50 44P for the rear wheel. That is WIDE! In Malaysia, I think, the tyre might be supplied by Vee Rubber which is the OEM tyre manufacturer for HLYM bikes.

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