Magnum Spark Plug 3X High Performance

Magnum Spark Plug 3X High Performance

Do you still remember the Honda EX5 Dream Drag Race Modified ? I stumbled upon this spark plug when the owner of the drag modified Honda EX5 Dream buying this item at Yulite in Sentul. He said that this Magnum 3X is good for modified bike since it has 3 ground electrode around the center electrode.

We can expect to have enhanced ignition efficiency, better acceleration, faster starting, smoother running engine and better fuel consumption by installing this Magnum 3X spark plug.

I have bought this spark plug and will install to my Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR.

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This spark plug can be used with any bike that use NGK C6HSA or C7HSA like Yamaha Lagenda 110, Lagenda 115, Nouvo S, Honda EX5, Wave 100R  and  Wave 110RS. It can’t be used for Wave 125 and 135LC since the spark plug number is different. You can check your spark plug code number here:

Item is available for sale here:

UPDATE (24/11/2010): 6 more pictures added. Comparison of NGK C6HSA spark plug which comes as stock spark plug on my Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR with the Magnum 3X C7H-MSA spark plug. I have fitted this plug to my Lagenda 115ZR and it fits perfectly.

UPDATE (26/11/2010): I’m satisfied with what this spark plug have offer after I have installed it to my bike. The bike is now easier to start, even in the morning. The pickup is very good and I can feel my bike is more energetic and the power delivery is more consistent from low-to-mid RPM. No more torque shock in that RPM region. After this, I’m going to test the performance on high RPM. My only concerns is about the durability. I hope Magnum 3X can last as long as the NGK would, so I don’t have to replace it often.

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  1. i got thi plug and i could that my bike sounds better guess i just had a spark issue before it sounded like it was missing alot in high rpms
    thank you

  2. i received my magnum 3x racing spark very quickly it came from Malaysia quicker than anything from the u.s.a. and i live in canada thanx motomalaya i would recommend this spark plug cause its the best haha i have one and it is not expensive but get what you pay for the best

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