Work In The Shop: Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR Rear Shock replacement, Oil change and Sprocket change

I have went to GTMax Motors to have my Lagenda 115ZR rear suspension checked since I suspected there is a leak on the right side of the bike. The leak was in the form of very thin oil which splatters around the rear suspension and also on the exhaust. You can see it in the picture at the bottom.

Oil around the right side suspension
There is no oil at all on the left side of the suspension

The mechanic there immediately tell me that it needs to be replaced and it is for free since the bike is still under warranty. That’s a relief.

While I was there, I also change the oil to Motul 4T oil along with the oil filter and change the 40T rear sprocket to 37T.

Repairing the bike at GTMax Motors is a very pleasant experience. The mechanic care for your bike and takes a good precaution in handling the bike coversets to avoid it from scratches. The mechanic are also very friendly and knowledgeable about Yamaha bikes.

The equipment that they have in the workshop is enough and this makes it easy for them to use the right tools for the right job. They also have the bike lift platform which I must say, makes it looks very professional.

Aftermarket parts are now coming to Lagenda 115ZR and one of the parts that all of Lagenda 115ZRians waiting is the rear sprockets. I have found one in the size of 37T 428 by Masada.

Masada 37T Rear Sprockets for Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR

Anyway, I think I want to modified my bike to use the rear sprocket hub to the one from 135LC because I want to use 415 15-36T sprocket setup. I really hate the top speed and pickup of my current Lagenda 115ZR.

More pictures in the gallery below.

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  1. Salam bro..penah dgr pasal 9Power x? bende yg kite plug-n-go kat kabel spark plug utk increase power n torque of the bike..bagus ke bende tu? aku da bli 1, tp x try pasang pn lg coz x tau cmne nk bukak cover set kat spark plug tu..huhu..

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