RZR: The Other Version of RX-Z

Yamaha RZR, Mexico Version of RX-Z Different people have different taste. Different country, different market. So, what has been done by Yamaha in order to catch the motorcycle market in Mexico, they have modified Yamaha RX-Z version in Asia to Yamaha RZR. The differences can be looked at the full-fairing set compared to the naked…

Yamaha LC135 Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Yamaha LC135 Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit Yamaha LC135 Malaysian version doesn’t have rear disc brake. In Thailand, where the model of LC135 is known as X1R, Yamaha has put rear disc brake as standard and this make LC135 bikers in Malaysia drooling to have the rear disc brake installed to their bike. No worry…

Yamaha MotoMalaya New Shoutbox

Old shoutbox with chats from Yamaha motorcyles fan. The old Yamaha MotoMalaya shoutbox has been replaced with a new shoutbox that is more user friendly. The new box is on the right side of this page. For all the commentators, thank you very much. Your comments are really appreciated.

2006 FIM Racing Highlight Video

Tahun 2006 merupakan tahun terakhir dimana motosikal 2 lejang dibenarkan untuk bertanding dalam FIM Cub Prix Racing ini. Setelah itu, undang-undang telah menetapkan kenderaan 2 lejang tidak dibenarkan diimpot atau dibuat lagi untuk pasaran Malaysia. Namun begitu, model sedia ada seperti Yamaha RX-Z dan Yamaha 125Z masih lagi dibenarkan untuk dijual dan pengenalan pada model…

How To Paint Plastic

To paint plastic, u need to:1. Sand the plastic parts with mesh 800 and above sand paper.2. Apply primer! Samurai Plastic Primer/Putty Primer is recommended.3. Apply the colour of your choice.4. Apply lacquer for high gloss finish. Samurai 1K lacquer is recommended. Any comments? Submit it here.