RZR: The Other Version of RX-Z

Yamaha RZR, Mexico Version of RX-Z
Different people have different taste. Different country, different market. So, what has been done by Yamaha in order to catch the motorcycle market in Mexico, they have modified Yamaha RX-Z version in Asia to Yamaha RZR.

The differences can be looked at the full-fairing set compared to the naked look of RX-Z and the rear brake that has been equipped with disc brake where RX-Z only have drum brake.

IMHO, I prefer the current look of RX-Z. The full-fairing maybe give a better aerodynamics than naked configuration but at a cost of more weight. The full-fairing also will make the access to the engine much harder. The thing that I want from RZR is the rear brake disc configuration to be installed on RX-Z as standard. Rear brake is important since it can give a better confidence in braking while in high speed. Some biker said that it is useless to use the rear brake, but for me, it is very important. Since RX-Z use a rear drum brake, that is a good way to make the bike much cheaper than other competing bike. The only competitor for RX-Z that I know is Honda Raider 135, but it is not so popular compared to RX-Z.

Looking back to Malaysia, I’m happy with the current design of RX-Z and my favorite colour for it is BLACK.


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