MotoMalaya Pictures and Story About Yamaha 135LC GP Edition on


It is good to know that when your story appear in popular publication, but it is frustrating when you get no credit, no mention, link back or any appreciation. This happens to pictures and story that appears on

I don’t care if you want to use some pictures or story from, but at least, you should link back to MotoMalaya back. Better if you email me, so, I know that my pictures and story are going to appear there. So, if you are reading this, please at least put a link back or even just give a credit where do you get the pictures from.

I have good relationship with Indonesian blogger like bro Lingga from Asmarantaka blog, which is one of the good blog there. He never forget to mention or link back to my blog whenever he posted about a post from (thanks bro! I know you are reading this.)

Let just make the cyberspace a better place to share our passion for motorcycle.

Here the link: