2015 Yamaha Exciter 150 Limited Edition Camo Livery in Vietnam



Yamaha in Vietnam officially unveils a limited edition variant of the King of Moped, Exciter 150, with a Camo livery. Camo is taken from the word camouflage which refers to a design to hide from being seen. This Camo livery makes it a great fresh design never been done by Yamaha. Keep it up Yamaha!

Via: http://www.yamaha-motor.com.vn

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    1. Klu jpj klu xbg kelulusan,mcmna moto tu nk masuk bodoh. Klu x salah aku yamaha dh test ride kt jalan malaysia dh.. abis tu,dok peram buat apa? Barang baik,buat apa nk simpan2. Sbb tu la aku kata jpj bengap.. asal moto laju je,mula la nk block xnk bg masuk.. klu x dh lama honda nova masuk kt malaysia.. bodoh

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