2015 KTM 250 Duke (RM17,888) and RC 250 (RM18,888) unveiled at KTM Lifestyle Showroom, Malaysia – time for 250cc KTM!


2-RC 250_250 Duke_02KTM Malaysia CKD has given the riders in Malaysia a taste of 250 series offering from Austria. These two bikes has launched earlier in KTM Lifestyle Showroom, Kota Damansara, to show that KTM is ready to compete with its competitors in the segment of 250cc naked and sports category. KTM RC 250 and Duke 250 are always in the talks of the riders when we see the 200 KTM or the 390 KTM. It is perceive in the riders mind that 200cc is small, where 390cc is too big, so they want something in the middle, which is the 250cc bike from KTM. Now, their wish has been granted.  1-KTM-RC250-activities

Lets get into KTM Lifestyle first. KTM Malaysia CKD is a good company where it always handle event and activities to support the riders who rides KTM. There is always a weekend ride at least once a month. If you ever join their event, you’ll know that they provide a great event with super low entry fee. You must join the event if you own a KTM.


The KTM RC 250 and Duke 250 are identical in every way you see it physically when you compare with its 200 counterpart. As they say, this is actually a wolf in sheep clothing. Looks tame on the outside, but very fierce on the inside. Other than the ‘250’ sticker on the mid-fairing of the RC 250 and on the tank of the Duke 250, it just look the same like the RC 200/390 and 200/390 Duke.8-KTM-RC250-Family-008

KTM RC 250 and 250 Duke adds to the family of the RC and Duke series which is very popular among riders who like to try new thing. I said new things because this KTM just don’t exists yet 5 years ago with these kind of bikes!


The highlight of the bike of course is the light weight 248.8cc engine that can maxes out 31.3hp (23kW) at 9,000RPM along with the torque at 24Nm at 7,250RPM. Compare this to 151kg Ninja 250SL at 28hp @ 9,700RPM and torque 22.6N.m @ 8,200rpm. Or the 166kg YZF-R25 power at 35.5hp, 26.5kW @ 12,000RPM with torque rated at 22.1Nm at 10,000RPM. I think the KTM RC250 provides the perfect balance of performance and lightness of the bike. KTM RC250 only weighs at 147kg. When you own this bike, you’ll talk power-to-weight ratio.


One special features that separates the RC 250 and 250 Duke away from the RC 200/390 and 200/390 Duke is the implementation of the anti-hopping clutch as KTM says it (slipper clutch). Anti-hopping clutch works when the the rotation of the rear tyre is faster than the rotation of the crankshaft under braking, thus the anti-hopping clutch ‘slips’ the clutch so that there are no ‘hopping’ occurs.


It is still equipped with the same Moto3 inspired Trellis frame that is in the iconic KTM orange colour. KTM has fitted the largest front suspension in 250cc sports category at 43mm USD suspension from WP Suspension.


KTM RC 250 features an innovative rear seat design where you see the rear tail cover also works as the rear seat. We have said in early review of the KTM RC 200/390 that this is actually a clever solution.


Another great features that separates the RC 250 and 250 Duke from the 200 is the availability of the ABS as standard. The ABS module is from Bosch 9MP. ABS works when there is difficult braking situation occurs. One thing that should be mention too is the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tyres that comes as standard.


Also offered is the PowerParts series where the quality is guaranteed by KTM as it is developed by them. I’d like to have the windscreen racing bubble, this definitely helps to cheat the wind when riding on the highway.


We think KTM RC 250 and 250 Duke will be a popular bike soon. This can be related to the price that is affordable enough with the premium parts offered. But what will happen to RC 200 and 200 Duke? For that, we leave it to you.KTM-RC-250-specs

Price for the KTM 250 Duke is RM17,888 (basic)

Price for the KTM RC 250 is RM18,888 (basic).

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