2015 Yamaha Exciter RC 150 – is this the 150LC? [UPDATED]


A clearer photo of the alleged 150LC (135LC in 150cc form) in yellow here is looking just a little different that the 135LC. We can easily recognise the wide fairing light and the wide body it have.


The rear is looking a little bit busy and the tyre looks like it is wider. Still retaining the monoshock rear swing arm. This Yamaha Exciter RC 150 is slated to release sometime next year mid December in Vietnam.


UPDATE (12/12/2014): Also available is the Exciter RC GP Edition that comes in exciting grey base colour with the iconic Yamaha Race-Blu splashed over it in the speed-block shape. The wheels looks like it is inspired (or is it the same?) from the 2014 Yamaha FZ150i. The wheelbase are looking longer than usual but I can’t confirm it. This is indeed 150cc bike as you can see on the wording ‘150’ on the side panel of the GP Edition bike just about the Yamaha word.


Transmission is 5-speed and this is confirmed by the word ‘5-speed’ shown on the picture above. Engine casing are now different and this makes it easy to differentiate between 135cc and 150cc LC. I like the colour of the GP edition as it comes in more blue colour coverage than the one we have seen earlier that have lots of white colour. The design of the livery is also very interesting. If you observe carefully, you can see the rear tyre hugger is also in a new design that is sharper and more pointed. It makes the bike looks fast even when not moving.


Some readers are saying that the front fairing light looks like the one from the YZF-R25, and I agree with them. It is wider but now it is slimmer to make it look like it is looking sharply to the front. Sadly, the front and rear brake only consists of single-piston brake caliper which I think should be replaced with 2-piston caliper since this is 150cc bike that need more power in braking. Oh, the power. The power is rumored to be close to 16hp which is promising, but compared to FZ150i, it is only 14.75hp with the same 150cc engine. Maybe this is a different engine altogether?

UPDATE (19/12/2014): Yamaha Exciter 150 RC / GP has been launched in Vietnam. Check out the news here.


Via: Jeff Nouvo, Zing.vn and http://www.2banh.vn/threads/exciter-150-cua-yamaha-viet-nam-lo-dien-anh-thuc-te.21802/

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