2015 Yamaha Exciter 150 FI RC and GP Officially Unveiled in Vietnam – 15.4PS 150cc FI King of Street – VND45,450,00 (about RM7,354.90)


Yamaha Vietnam has unwraps the cover of the Exciter 150 RC / GP that comes with 150cc fuel-injection SOHC liquid-cooled engine that is the successor of the Yamaha Exciter 135 (135LC in Malaysia, Jupiter MX in Indonesia or T135 everywhere else). There is also a rumor that Indonesia will get this bike with the name Jupiter MX King. There are a lot of improvement of this Exciter RC 150 compared to the Exciter 135. 2015-Yamaha-Exciter-RC150-Vietnam-002

The first objective of this machine is to ‘boost the feeling of power’ and with that in mind the 135cc engine has been increased to 150cc in capacity to enables it to harness more power. It is also said that the project leader for this Exciter RC 150 is the same project leader who handles the Vixion (FZ150i) development project. Reducing power loss also taken into consideration here with the proven technology that is the DiASil cylinder use to minimise the friction. Also here to minimise the friction is the use of the roller rocker arm that are now being extensively in many small bikes.

Yamaha Exciter 150 FI engine

Not suprising to us, is the use of FI system to make sure fuel-efficiency for more milease and accurate fuel delivery in high speed for more power when in need.  The power rating of the Exciter RC 150 is 15.4PS @ 8,500RPM with the torque 13.9Nm @ 7,000 RPM. All these numbers beat the 1st generation Yamaha FZ150i which also 150cc FI bikes.


We can say that Exciter 150 FI is an all new bike as the chassis are also improved for more rigidity but still maintain the backbone or ‘underbone’ frame.


We have said earlier that the Exciter 150 FI wheelbase is looking longer than the Exciter 135 and yes, our prediction is correct as it is now measured at 1290mm, which is 45mm longer than Exciter 135 at 1255mm.


The front signal indicator are now separated from the fairing light and attached to the side panel which reminds me with the superbike indicator style.


The front fairing light are now much smaller but excellently executed which makes it looks sharp and dynamic. It also looks very much the same like the YZF-R25 front headlight. On the left of the fairing, there is the ‘150’ to show that this is the King of Street.


Rear indicator are separated as to follow the UNECE regulation. The rear brake light is LED and that can give a bright illumination in the night.


This one in the special model that is the Yamaha Exciter GP 150 that comes in iconic Yamaha Race-Blu colour with the Yamaha speed-block shape just like to one used in YZR-M1 in MotoGP.


The Exciter 150 FI meter is very nice with the digital and analog combination. You’ll get to see the gear indicator, analog tachometer, trip and of course the speedometer, in digital display. The fuel indicator is nicely integrated between the analog and the digital display which I think is brilliant design decision from Yamaha team.


From the brochure here, we can see clearly that the bike is equipped with 1-piston caliper, but now it comes in bigger disc size that is at 245mm, which 25mm bigger than the Exciter 135 at only 220mm. The transmision is 5-speed for that sporty riding feel.


Monoshock rear suspension are retained, but now the rear tyre is wider at 120/70-17, bigger than the Exciter 135 at 100/70-17, which for me is already big and wide tyre for a moped like this.


There are three colour choices for the Exciter RC 150 that is Yellow/Black, Red/Black and White/Orange combination. The one most riders will be interested to is the GP edition in Yamaha Race-Blu livery.


2015 Yamaha Exciter RC 150 is VND44,990,000 or RM7,295.10 (direct conversion)

2015 Yamaha Exciter GP 150 is VND45,450,000 or RM7,354.90 (direct conversion)


Source: tmcblog.com, 2banh.vn, Mus Mohd from FB and xe.tinhte.vn

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