2014 Racing Boy Front Fork for Yamaha 135LC V1 and V2 – nice alloy style – RM800


Yamaha 135LC is one the most tuned bike in Malaysia and maybe in the neighbouring countries too. Racing Boy knowing this has made a special alloy front fork to replace the stock fork that you have on your 135LC. So far, I don’t know how this front fork will help you to get better handling since there are no information about it yet, but in the mean time, it is sure looks good. Racing Boy is known for making high quality aftermarket parts and always improving their products if they got to know there are problem with it. Check out the image after the jump to see the look of it fitted to 135LC: 

2014 Racing Boy Front Fork 01A0023 for Yamaha 135LC is RM800
Images  are from http://www.racingboy.com.my/fork/item/986-fork-front-lc5s-lces#and https://www.facebook.com/kaiboh.koh

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25 Replies to “2014 Racing Boy Front Fork for Yamaha 135LC V1 and V2 – nice alloy style – RM800”

    1. Sakit hati bro pakai. Saya pakai belang, full accessory racing boy. Arm, handle, brake lever, chain cover Boleh kata semua dah tukaq. Masalah paling utama Thread skru lembut. Byk kali thread loose. Jika x ketatkan, bahaya pulak. Dah la dia x letak berapa value torque yg sesuai. Accessory alloy basikal yg saya pakai lg rigid dari brg racing boy. Pastu Ada part dekat arm tu rosak. Cari Kat dealer xda, tanya kat racing boy call x Pernah berjawab. Hantar Email x berbalas. Letak fb pun xda sapa reply. Jika bro selak Kat page Depa, ada org post arm rb tu patah. Punya bahaya.

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