2014 Yamaha MT-09 official colour choices – Orange, Grey and Purple – RM54k (basic)



CBU model of the Yamaha MT-09 has make its way to Malaysia. It is a street naked bike that is radical in design philosophy. Powered by 850cc inline-3 engine, it can maxes out 115PS at 10,000RPM and torque at 87.5Nm at 8,500RPM. There are three colour choices for the MT-09 and I think the one that stands out the most is this one in orange. Other than that, you can opt for grey or purple. Hits the jump for the 2 more colour:  

MT09 Grey

MT09 Grey


MT09 Purple

MT09 Purple

2014 Yamaha MT-09 price is RM54,000 basic or about RM56,116.05 on the road including road tax, insurance and registration.



Images above from Official Yamaha Malaysia website and BLH Motor FB.


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