2014 Michelin City Pro motorcycle tyre launched in Malaysia – tube type tyre that is 20% more resistant to puncture

Verati Sdn Bhd, the distributor of Michelin motorcycle tyre in Malaysia introduces the Michelin City Pro, a tube type tyre that is 20% more resistant to puncture. Last year, Michelin has introduced the Pilot Street and Pilot Street Radial which is a tubeless type tyre for the premium sporty under 250 rider who wants the best tyre in dry and wet condition.
Here are 10 interesting features and info about the Michelin City Pro: 

1. Developed in 18 month. Few Yamaha 135LC are flown to France to test the tyre in variable conditions and aspects.

2. Michelin City Pro resists 20% more pressure to be punctured as compared to the best competitor.

3. Michelin City Pro comes with 21 variant at launch ranging from 14 to 18 inch tyre size. It is already able to cover 75% tyre market for moped and scooters.

4. There are 3 ply layer that makes it more resistant to puncture.

5. Claimed to be the best in wet condition among its competitor.

6. 48 motor taxi in Thailand are picked to test the tyre for 6 month with accumulated mileage of 440,000 km.

7. Only 4 punctures occurs in that 440,000km.

8. Durability of this tyre are also high that it can go up to 20,000km.

9. Comfort are also taken into consideration where the side wall are made to give enough flex.

10. The Michelin City Pro is priced from RM53 to RM83. For example, the popular size of 70/90-17 is only at RM73 retail price where 80/90-17 is at RM83. I think that is competitive enough. It is claimed that Michelin is less than 10% more expensive than its strongest competitors.

There you have it. We will add more pictures and info soon for the full blown report.


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