2014 Shark Vision-R Series 2 Full-face Touring Helmet – estimated RM1,500


Now available in UK SHARK dealers is the new Vision-R Series 2 helmet. Designed with touring riders in mind, the helmet sits in the brands Discovery division. Taking features from the original Vision-R, the Series 2 has received some upgrades to make it even better.

The helmet as the name suggests, still benefits from the largest panoramic vision field available on the market. The visor aperture is 25% larger from top to bottom and 10% wider horizontally, compared to that of a standard visor aperture. The extra 10% given to peripheral vision increases lifesaver visibility, which makes the helmet ideal for learners or those new to motorcycling. 

The Series 2 has an upgraded ventilation system with improved airflow and bigger vents and operating switches. Noise has also been reduced in the new version and its auto-seal system makes the visor adhere to the helmet, ensuring a better seal and insulation. The visor can also be opened and set into a de-mist position.

inko_back_wkr__69Y0OWj6bOjM8I2For glasses wearers it has SHARK’s Easy Fit system where glasses can sit comfortably into a recessed partition of the helmets lining, which is fully removable and washable. There’s also a handy pocket to fit a SHARKTooth Bluetooth system.

The Vision-R Series 2 is available in a variety of styles and colours, with an RRP of £219.99 for the Blank and Blank Matt versions. The RRP for the Syntic, Synctic Matt, Escapade, Inko, Diekel, Smoke and Smoke Matt is £249.99 (MYR1,500).

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