2014 Honda CB650F and CBR650F spotted in Malaysia – estimated RM38-42k

2014 Honda CB650F spotted in Malaysia

Sinar Turbo has spotted this 2014 Honda CB650F at JPJ somewhere in Malaysia ready for the test or registration (we don’t know for sure). There are two variant of this 649cc bike that is the naked version CB650F and the full fairing sports version the CBR650F.

The tagline for these series is ‘entry-level to Honda inline-four’ which translate to low price inline-four bike from Honda. Honda has been successful with the introduction of CB400 inline-four engine bike in the past that have the style and formidable presence. Being 400cc, the power is limited and this make the rider crave for more.  

2014 Honda CBR650F spotted in Malaysia

Increased power is what all rider want, but they also want it to be affordable. Performance on the cheap is the mantra. The power for this CB650F or CBR650F is at 87bhp at 11,000RPM which should be a nice power rating for this 650cc bike. What’s more important is that the power is delivered by smooth inline-four engine that will be linear power delivery at all RPM range. The torque is rated at 62Nm at 8,000RPM. That torque might be low, but you can see that you can harness it in lower RPM range.

Comparing this to the CB500 series, the CB650 series is much higher in terms of specifications. There is the higher output as compared to only 47hp for the CB500. The front brake disc is equipped with the double brake disc system which should provide better and more powerful braking which is logical since the engine power output is higher. There is the ABS version but I’m not sure about this one whether it is ABS or not.

The price for the 2014 Honda CB650F is estimated at RM38-40k and the 2014 Honda CBR650F is estimated at RM42k.

Sinar Turbo has been a very reliable source so we believe this.

via: https://www.facebook.com/sinarturbo?fref=ts

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38 Replies to “2014 Honda CB650F and CBR650F spotted in Malaysia – estimated RM38-42k”

  1. 2012 cbr600f claimed 100bhp. Moto ni bukan kategori supersports bike sbb honda ada cbr600rr.
    Kalau 2014 cbr650f dgn 50cc extra cuma blh bg 70bhp, hmmm.. mana letak baki bhp tu td.
    btw, versys, er6 are nothing near this cbr. Different field, different ballgame.

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