2014 KTM RC200 and RC390 might be coming soon to Malaysia in Q2 2014


A recent update by Sinar Turbo (a FB page by Sinar Harian) has gives us hope to see the KTM super sport machine for young rider, the RC200 and RC390 which might makes it presence in second quarter of 2014. Quarter 2 is a period from May-August April-June (thanks to mosar for the correction!).
This can be true since there is a large rider support for KTM bikes. I can see lots of 200 Duke and 690 Duke roaming in Malaysia. The introduction of the RC will be a very welcomed move by KTM from the riders as I can see it.
Anyway, the RC125 will not make it to Malaysia officially since there is already RC200 which is closely specced.

Via: Sinar Turbo FB


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  1. Alahai, masuk je la RC125, mesti ada yang berminat. Bukan semua mampu dengan bajet harga RC200. Masih ramai yang menunggang kapcai tercari-cari dan lama menunggu peluang menunggang motosikal bawah harga RM20,000 tapi yang sedap mata memandang dan selesa sikit. Tak bagi can langsung kome ni. Baru lah meriah sikit industri motosikal kat Malaysia. Ini asyik skuter besor aje ade pilihanyeee…

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