2014 KTM 390 Duke launched in Malaysia – RM27,935.10 OTR [UPDATED: Gallery added, topspeed 177km/h]

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It has come and it will rock the biking scene in Malaysia. The first information that we all want to know is the price and here it is: RM26,500 basic price and RM27,935.10 on the road and might differs a bit between shops. This 390 Duke is CKD in Kedah at KTM Motonation Factory.

KTM 390 Duke comes with 43hp single-cylinder engine that provides enough grunt for a bike this size. For a comparison, the CB500F have 47hp which is comparable to this KTM 390 Duke.


Tested by Rafi Superbike, this KTM 390 Duke topspeed is 177km/h. That is a nice number for this naked bike that should perform well on rough terrain where speed is not the priority. This also shows the good engineering of KTM  engineers for this single-cylinder engine.

The frame used is the usual by KTM that is the orange Trellis frame that provides maximum strength and chassis rigidity at the same shows the muscular look of the bike body.

KTM 390 Duke should be available in the shops by next year and will be a great addition to the already popular KTM 200 Duke.


The overall design of the bike is not much different than the 200 Duke since it is actually based from the chassis of the 200 Duke but further strengthen to handle the power from the 390 engine. It is unmistakably KTM style that is very radical and very different for the bikes that we always see from the streets. I think this bike would be a great commuter ride for those who are looking for more power than kapcais and the same this able to speed on multi terrain road.

Images from the KTM Malaysia-CKD FB and ktm.com



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  1. kena test ni mane lg power CB500 atau yg duke 390



    kalau data ni btl, mmg duke akan tggal CB500 dari 0-100
    cuma mane yg sedap bergantung pd jark ride.

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