Vyrus Motorcycle – 984 C3 2V, 986 M2 and 987 C3 4V



Vyrus motorcycle like the 984, 986 and 987 are not your usual bike that you always heard of. Anyhow, Vyrus certainly gets me interested with that radical and very futuristic looking design that is not just concept but are already available for sale. I like how the front steering detached from the usual fork, but now are attached to the swing arm with central suspension system. This is definitely a hot bike with extreme degree of coolness factor. The one pictured above is the 987 C3 4V, there are two model that is the 984 C3 2V and 986 M2.


All the bike specs and picture are as below:  984-c3-2v




Thanks to Marco from Vyrus who send this in!

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