TT Legends Documentary – Ordinary Men Doing Extraordinary Things on Motorbikes

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TT Legends is a new eight-part documentary, to be broadcast on ITV4, following a team of legendary motorcycle racers throughout the 2012 season. Gaucho Productions was granted exclusive access to the Honda TT Legends team as they took on some of the world’s toughest ’bike races.  From Japan to Germany and from Le Mans to the Isle of Man, the documentary follows these ordinary men doing extraordinary things. 

John McGuinness, nicknamed the ‘The Morecambe Missile’, is an ex-bricklayer and mussel picker from the north of England who has won the legendary Isle of Man TT nineteen times.  He is joined in the TT Legends team by Cameron Donald and Simon Andrews. Donald is Australia’s fastest plumber and a two-time winner of the Isle of man TT. Andrews is a fearless young gun who was the fastest newcomer at the TT in 2011. Together they are the TT Legends.

The documentary goes ‘behind the screens’ as the team competes in the World Endurance Championship. The season kicks off with the famous Bol d’Or, a twenty-four hour race at the Magny Cours circuit in France. Then they’re off to Doha, Germany and even Japan for the famous Suzuka 8-Hour before they return to France for the Le Mans 24-hour. Each race brings its own, distinct challenge for the team. In Suzuka, for example, we’ll join McGuinness in an ice bath, a welcome antidote to the searing heat.

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These circuit races are accompanied by legendary road races in Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. McGuinness is the man to beat on the roads with Donald and Andrews among his toughest rivals. Gaucho Productions were there to witness the contrast, as these friends and teammates now push each other to the limit and beyond.

Away from the races, the series will show the team as they relax away from the pressures of racing, learning what makes them tick and why these men are willing to risk everything to race on bumpy public roads at over 200mph. And you’ll meet the families and friends who must cope with the stress of watching them race. Over eight, half-hour episodes, witness all the tears, tantrums and triumphs as this fascinating team enjoys an epic season.

TT Legends _ CameronJohn
Speaking about the series, Gaucho Production’s Executive Producer, Alistair Weaver, said: “The TT Legends have a fascinating story to tell and we’re delighted to have brought it to life. Our crews have travelled everywhere with them, from bullet trains in Japan to Cameron’s makeshift motorhome in Northern Ireland. This series is an extraordinary tale of human will and endeavour played out at 200mph. ITV4 is a natural home for it and we’re thrilled to be working with them.”

John Claridge, Head of Programme Strategy, ITV4, said: “ITV4 has achieved great success with its coverage of the Isle of Man TT. The TT Legends series complements it beautifully. We’re delighted to work with Gaucho Productions on a series that offering a fascinating insight into the riders and their lives. ITV4 has a rich heritage of producing exciting sports documentaries and this is no exception.”

The eight-part series will debut on ITV4 at 20h30 on Monday 4th February, 2013.

Editor’s note: ITV4 is in UK only ya.

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