2013 Honda Verza 150 in Indonesia – cheaper 150cc naked bike

16012012_Launching verza

After the introduction of the Honda CB150R at the end of the last year, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) launched another naked 150cc bike named Honda Verza 150. This is the cheaper naked bike in the same category.  AHM already have 7 bike in that naked sport category in various engine capacity. The design follows the princip of “modern stylish and masculine” that can be seen from the use of the big and macho fuel tank. Honda Verza 150 are said to be best choice for the entry-level sport bike because it provide great performance, fuel efficient dan affordably priced.

The power comes from 150cc 4-stroke SOHC single cylinder engine with PGM-FI and 5-speed transmission. That is already a great spec for this low price of the Verza. The engine are able to churn out 48km of riding for 1 liter of fuel based on the ECE R40 testing method. Top speed is only 110km/h but the beauty of the bike is this category is that we can easily modified the bike for bigger power when the performance parts starts flooding the market.

The rear suspension of this bike is using heavy duty twin suspension which are good enough to withstand the abuse of everyday riding activities. This suspension setup is choosen for durability and lower price compared to using the Pro-link suspension like the CB150R Streetfire. Other features includes magnetic key shutter, bank angle sensor which will cut off the engine when the bike is on the bank angle more than 60 degree. Also included is the sprocket chain stopper to keep the wheel from locking if the chain breaks.

The price for this Honda Verza 150 is Rp16,050,000.00 (RM5,021.37) for spoke wheel and Rp16,900,000.00 (RM5,287.60) for the alloy cast wheel. This is definitely cheaper than the 2013 Honda CB150R Streetfire that is at Rp22,350,000.00 (RM6992.78).

via: http://www.astra-honda.com/index.php/berita/view/473

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