2013 Yamaha XJ6 naked in Malaysia unveiled – RM40,152.30



The XJ6 naked comes with 2 colour choices that is in Race Blu and as the one above in white. Most of the features are the same like the previous XJ6 Diversion available since 2010. What’s the change then?
The XJ6 naked has been updated with a new headlight cover design which now there are less cover plastic. This suite the naked style the bike is bringing. For the Race Blu version, it is the same livery that the European get on October 2012. 



2013-Yamaha-XJ6-naked-001 4-2013-Yamaha-XJ6N-001

The other changes we want to see is the inclusion of ABS brake system, but I can’t find any mention of it in the brochure. Based on my observation on the front and rear disc brake, there is no ABS disc strip that we usually on the bikes with ABS system, so this just might mean this is not the ABS version that we get. The XJ6N in Europe is equipped with ABS.


As you can see in the picture above, there is something that relate to ABS part there in the red circle. This is omitted, I think, to make this bike priced similarly alongside the XJ6 Diversion. By the way, the XJ6 Diversion will still be produced and sold along with this XJ6 naked.

Price is at RM40,152.30 OTR.

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