Kawasaki Z250 naked bike rumored coming in January?

Kawasaki Z250 sketch

We have seen the sketch (above) about this naked Kawasaki bike that follows the design of Z800 and Ninja 250R. Taufik from TMCblog, Indonesia, reported this bike earlier to be named ER250C (a named written on the sketch paper), which a probable name for it. Now, I have a very strong source that said that this bike might be named Kawasaki Z250 that will be launched as soon as this January 2013. This Z250 will be sold along side the beautiful Ninja 250R FI which is logical since the Z250 is the naked bike and Ninja 250R is the full-fairing bike. 

Looking at the price, we know that the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250R is at RM22,589. So, by adjusting the price for the naked bike which usually have less parts (eg; no fairing), I’m thinking this bike might be priced at RM19k-21k. The price difference might not be much, but that is good enough to make you think a lot before choosing the two bikes to take to your garage.

Take this a rumors guys. I’m hoping this all can be true soon enough. I’m eagerly waiting for this!

Photo credit to TMCblog.com

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