Review: eni iRide Moto 4T tec 10W-50 Synthetic – RM65


We have installed the eni iRide Moto 4T tec 10W-50 fully synthetic oil few weeks ago to one of our rider’s 135LC. It is a great oil to be tested since eni is a parent company of Agip oil which is the WSBK, Moto2 and Moto3 exclusive fuel and lubricant sponsor. Definitely we are satisfied with this RM65 oil. 

This 135LC is being used daily by our rider for about 100km riding in a day which is a good mileage to test the oil. At the time of testing, our rider had only ride the bike for 4 days before putting his bike to rest since he has holidays for 2 weeks. What is amazing is that, his bike can easily be started after that 2 weeks rest with just one push of the start button. This was a problem for him before since he need to pull the choke and tries few times before his bike can be started.


The acceleration also feels lighter and easier to reach the top speed. Anyway, the top speed is still maintained at 120km/h, but only easier to reach there. Acceleration is already a great thing about this 135LC and by having eni installed in this bike, it just makes it better.

We can conclude that, this eni iRide Moto 4T tec 10W-50 fully synthetic oil is a great oil to be used and we absolutely recommend to all the riders out there looking for the best oil for their bike.

Next, I’ll be testing the other variant, Agip synthetic, on my own bike soon.

eni iRide Moto 4T tec 10W-50 fully synthetic oil can be obtained online via:

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