Facelifted Yamaha Mio 125i (or Ego LC 125 in Malaysia) in Thailand

Yamaha Thailand has released a teaser about the facelifted Mio 125i in the Yamaha racing blue colour. It has been a couple of years of this bike launched in Thailand, this is the right time to have it updated. The headlight is no longer separated into  double cluster, but a big one on the center of the bike like a ‘normal’ Ego. It is looking fresh. Some are saying that this new Mio features SSS or Side Stand Switch, which works by cutting of the engine power if you got the side stand pulled out. This small feature is a welcomed feature because I sometimes also forgot to pull in the side stand when riding my bike.

People in Indonesia too will get this upcoming bike, but as TMCBlog reported, there is only street spyshot without any name on the sticker yet. Check out more pictures after the jump: 

via: http://tmcblog.com/2012/10/16/teaser-yamaha-thailand-ada-wajah-yamaha-xeon-fi-nya/#

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