UMA Racing Digital Meter by Racing Boy for Yamaha 135LC V2 and Honda EX-5 is coming soon

Racing Boy has shown a teaser in their FB page about the upcoming new products that is the much awaited UMA Racing Digital Meter for Yamaha 135LC V2. Surprisingly, they also make one for the Honda EX-5 and this is a good move from RB. I don’t what is the price, but can be estimated at around RM480+.

What’s good about this digital meter is that it can read RPM up to 15,000 RPM. This is good for those who need to get  an accurate reading of their engine crankshaft rotation for power tuning. There is also shift light that lit up when the RPM is in the optimum powerband. Other than that, it is just looking so cool!

Thanks to Roger Lau Jiu Yuan for the tips.


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